Jun 20, 2008

Another BBQ

I absolutely love the summers in Alaska. It's sumer solstice this weekend so it means 24 hour sunlight for the weekend. We had a BBQ at Gramma T's house. She got a new BBQ so we had to test it out. Everyone showed up like usual. Nat, Tony, Sydney, Seth, Jessica, Caden, Cindy, the grandparents, and of course Aaron and me. Of course, Seth was being anti-social with everyone. He ended up taking off and boy did shit hit the fan. He wasn't answering the cell phone and Jessica was getting pissed. He ended up showing up at 3am like usual. Everyone thinks he was out doing drugs again. He called me and told me he wasn't doing anything like that. He just needed to get away, but it's so hard to trust Seth sometimes. Especially with his past. I want Seth to be happy and be able to get out of his parents house and secure a job. It kills me to see him do a re-cycle with everything from the past.


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