Jun 22, 2008


Today was a lazy day. Didn't do anything except go to Walmart and buy speakers for the computer coz Aaron doesn't like the headset. He's been wanting to listen to music anyway. I finally got my laptop to work after a year and a half! I'm so excited. I still need to fix the keyboard from when Seth and Aaron spilled liqour on it at one of the house parties. I'm hoping I can get it apart and clean it really well. If not, I'm screwed. I don't wanna pay a whole lot of money to get the keyboard replaced because the laptop is about 4 years old. Still works pretty good though. I reformatted everything so it's brand spanking new and clean! I guess the HDD wasn't plugged in all the way from when I took it apart last time. I'm such a moron LMAO.


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