Jun 24, 2008


I don't know what goes through people's heads sometimes. One of my friends has nothing better to do than talk shit about me to some fake ass yahoo chick. She texts me bitching at me like I care LoL. It just irritates me that one of my friends would lie about me like that to a complete stranger. I swear, some people take yahoo too seriously. So needless to say, my friend avoids me when I'm over at his relatives house because he knows he's a fuckin liar.

Today was day 2 of cleaning at Gramma T's house. Man she is such a packrat! We finally got everything out of the living room, dusted, and re-arranged the furniture. I also took down a HUGE bookcase off the wall and we put it in the back room and organized all of her books. Tomorrow we're going to tackle the kitchen, the backroom, and maybe downstairs. I am so exhausted and my body is aching. I still need to work on our apartment. It's so messy in here. I get so frustrated from it, but too tired to do anything once I get home. I guess I'll do mine when I'm done with Gramma T's.


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