Sep 27, 2008

Fall is here!

Fall is here! Granted it means winter is almost near, but I absolutely love the colors and the smell in the air.

I was talking to some family back in Ohio, and they said the leaves haven't changed yet. I have one word for you all...."Nanananabooboo!"

LoL.Fall time also means another thing to Alaskans. No more 22 hour sunlight. As much as I'm going to miss summer, I'm going to miss the sunlight. But it also means I can take more pictures of sunsets which I love! Aaron and I were driving to Walmart the other day and the sun was setting. The clouds were in such the right spot that I got an awesome shot. I was hoping for a better shot, but the traffic wasn't moving!!! Grr.

Snow has also started on the mountains. I am dreading that part!!! But it's still beautiful.


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