Sep 13, 2008

I saw my baby nephew today!! P.S. Don't shop at Cooper Tires in Wasilla, AK

So Aaron and I made plans to go to the valley for tires today. I made an appointment at Cooper Tires to change the tires on the truck and they sold 2 of my tires!! I had to go spend more money elsewhere, because they fucked up. I was pissed!! 

On a better note, we went to Sutton to see Stephanie and the baby. The baby is adorable!! I think it looks like Joe, but she doesn't. Everyone thinks the baby looks like Joe. I took the best picture.

I also visited my sisters coz Monday is their birthday, but Aaron works and goes to school that day. They're doing good. Although, Bud is living with Genny and that guy pisses me the fuck off!! I wasn't there for 5 minutes before he started his bitching. We went to dinner and then did the cake thing. I didn't have any though because of my pre-diabetes =[
It was good seeing them again.


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