Oct 7, 2008

Sarah Palin links! =]

I prepared a short list of my favorite Sarah Palin links of late. Enjoy!

***Note*** Author cannot be held responsible for migraines, explosive vomiting, rashes, or nightmares resulting from use of this post.

Where does Palin stand on the big issues? Here's a breakdown.

Charlie Gibson interviews Palin about the Bush Doctrine; Palin clearly has no clue what what he's talking about.

Despite calling herself a feminist, Palin unapologetically opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. Someone brilliantly hatches the idea to make donations to Planned Parenthood in Palin's name. The campaign generates nearly $800,000 in contributions.

Like conspiracy theories? Here's an intriguing one about a possible coverup re: Palin and daughter Bristol's pregnancy.

Palin majored in journalism. However, when asked what newspapers she regularly read before McCain tapped her, she fails to name even one.

Matt Damon suggests that Palin as president would be like a bad Disney movie. Specifically, like THIS bad Disney movie.

We already know that Palin wants to overturn Roe v. Wade; Katie Couric wants to know, what other Supreme Court decisions does she want reversed? Sarah assures her there are plenty, but cannot name a single one.

When asked for examples of her running mate's deregulation record, Palin cannot cite one, and promises to "get back to" Couric on it.

When pressed about her claim that living next to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, Palin gives new and frightening meaning to the word "choke". Incidentally, THIS is another fun way to enjoy that particular sound byte.

Just for fun: Does Palin have tattooed lip liner?

Tina Fey's SNL Palin impression; and here's the other one.

Evangelicals pray over Palin, to fortify her against witches!

All kidding aside, this woman is dangerously close to ending up in the White House. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION INFO IS CURRENT...AND VOTE!


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