Oct 6, 2008

Sarah Palin - Say it ain't so, Joe!

With a wink of an eye and a “You betcha,” Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin proved exactly why she isn’t fit to be vice president of this country. Throughout the entire vice presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden, Palin’s “Look cute-evade questions-and when in doubt call John a Maverick” plan just screamed inexperience. To me it is evident that the Grand Old Party’s vice presidential candidate was chosen as a gimmick, a ploy, a plot to trick America’s people who are looking for someone to relate to. Here is this lip stick wearing hockey mom of five from “real world” Wasilla, Alaska, and to some you’d think it was the second coming of FDR- a president who actually did this country SOME good. I on the other hand, have NOT had the wool pulled over my eyes.

Her “abstinence only” sex education plan is about as hypocritical as a war protestor joining the Army. How does anyone expect this woman to inspire a nation when she couldn’t even inspire her own daughter to abstain from sex? When it comes to our youth and sex, I think we need to have the “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” kind of attitude- hope these teens won’t go out and have sex, but prepare like everyone IS going to. We would be too naïve to think that by completely avoiding any discussion about the sex, birth control and any other contraceptives we can prevent our children from having sex.

Then there is her knowledge on foreign affairs, more specifically Russia. Congratulations, Sarah, you can see Russia from Alaska- and I can see Canada from Montana, am I now qualified in foreign affairs? Palin also claimed to have numerous contacts with foreign officials- including Britain's ambassador to Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald. However, that meeting never happened.

When pressed by Katie Couric in a televised interview, Palin was asked about MCain reversing his prior position against regulation of the financial markets and how he then suddenly began supporting greater federal regulation of Wall Street. Palin insisted that MCain had supported regulation, then deflected the question by repeating her line about McCain being a maverick and "taking shots" from his own party. Like I said, when I doubt, call John a maverick. Couric asked again for examples of McCain supporting more regulation rather than the abolishing regulations. Palin finally admitted she did not know of any examples, saying, "I'll try to find ya some, and I'll bring 'em to ya." You know what, Sarah? I would really like a vice president who doesn’t talk like a freshman student.

How is it that there are still people in this country that think this woman could potentially be our president (because whether you like it or not, McCain IS old and COULD die while in office)? Now I know that she isn’t running for president. I also know that it is McCain and Obama we are supposed to be focusing on, but quite frankly, the idea of this woman being anywhere near the White House scares the crap out of me.

My biggest issues with this whole “Palinmania” are those who say Sarah Palin is for women. ANY woman who makes rape victims pay for their own rape kits IS NOT FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS! Any woman who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, even in the cases of rape and incest IS NOT FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS!

We MUST, for the sake of this country, our future and our children make sure THIS woman is not voted into office. She would be a true hindrance to the change this country needs. She would be, without a doubt, a slap in the face to what Susan B. Anthony, Jeanette Rankin and others who came before worked so hard to gain.


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