Nov 23, 2008

Beginning to understand the term Monster-in-law...

So, as I've mentioned before, Aaron and I are getting married on December 5th. That's less than 2 weeks away!! I'm so excited. Even though we're having a civil ceremony, it doesn't matter to me. We are going to have a formal setting next year on our 1 year anniversary because we'll have some money then.

Well usually in a civil ceremony at a courthouse, you have 2 people there. Usually the witnesses. Well Aaron's mom keeps insisting on inviting the whole freaking family and I'm getting pissed!! She's telling me that I have to invite all of Aaron's family including his maternal and paternal grandparents. I don't want that! Aaron and I both agreed on just the 2 witnesses. At most, adding a couple more people, but no more than 5. I tried talking to Aaron's mother about this, but she keeps saying how the grandparents will be angry if they aren't invited. Then the aunts and uncles that Aaron NEVER TALKS TO! will be angry or something. Screw that! Am I being unresonable? This is just something that him and I want to do privately. Nothing fancy until next year. If that wasn't bad, you should have been there for the convo about having the formal ceremony of renewal of the vows...

So I was looking at venues to have it and Aaron's mother came down and asked what I was doing. I want a wedding somewhere else other than Anchorage. I have been to every corner of this town and I'm sick of it! So I want to have something out of town and BEAUTIFUL. So I was looking at the rental rates for Aleyeska Ski Resort. Our families both ski so I thought it would be fun. Well Aaron's mother just totally flipped on me! Telling me that it was the worst thing to ever do to have everyone drive 40 miles to go to a wedding. Ugh I'm so sick and tired of it all. I'm beginning to think I'll just let her plan the whole thing so she can have a "second wedding"....Oh, and have every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane at the courthouse with us too.


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