Nov 28, 2008

Fire at work

So I was at work today and all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. Everyone's just staring at each other like they don't know what the hell is going on. My customer left the line freaking out. The rest of the managers came by and started telling us that it wasn't a fake drill...we actually had a fire!
Everyone just starts running for the doors and stands outside of them. Duh! Run the hell away. I start yelling at people to move across to the parking lot and they look at me like I'm dumb. Luckily I had my phone on me to capture the stupidity...

This is everyone looking around like they don't know what to do...
Fire trucks coming!
More people dumbfounded...and another truck

2 fire trucks and more crowd.Fire truck!
So needless to say, today was really interesting. It amazes me still how dumb people can be. Oh, and I have no idea what started the probably was a drill after all LoL. This is why I hate working Black Fridays!!!

P.S. I was at the post office a few weeks ago and noticed what my truck looked like in the window. It is funny. Enjoy =]


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