Nov 20, 2008

Hormones, cramping, and a new job!

Bleh, so I'm ragging for the first time since the miscarriage and it sucks. I forgot what it felt like. I hate being a woman sometimes. The cramping is killing me and I'm so hormonal. Worse than when I was pregnant! I was crying earlier over something I heard on the TV that made me angry. Ugh.

On a lighter note, 2 more weeks until Aaron and I are getting married. I'm so excited! We decided we are going to have a civil ceremony with just immediate family and the grandparents on Aaron's side. I just wanted a few people there, but instead of arguing with Aaron's mom about it, I just agreed to have the grandparents there as well. Next year on our one year anniversary, we're going to have a renewal of vows that's really formal like a wedding. We'll be able to afford it then because he'll be out of school and be working. Also, I got a job the other day so I'll be able to save for that as well. I start working next week. Yay! I've been sick and tired of being couped up in this house with Aaron's mom all the time. Can you say insane?

I've been reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME! Never been into that kind of reading, but once I started, I was unable to put it down. The movie comes out on Friday, but I'll go see it next week when there aren't so many people going. I hate going to a new movie because all the people jammed in a little room watching a get's freaking hot. Especially in the wintertime with the heater on and everyone breathing digusting popcorn breath.

Went back to church last Sunday. I haven't been there since I became pregnant. Everyone remembered me and was happy to have me come back. Only reason I went was because I'm a memeber and there was an annual business meeting that all members had to attend. I guess I'll go back this Sunday. This one really nice lady named Teresa came over and prayed for me. She had heard about the loss of the baby and was really happy that Aaron and I came back. I forgot how peaceful I felt after going to church. I just wish I had more time to spend in the church. Aaron and I wanted to take the Engaged/Newlywed class that one of the pastors leads, but it's only on Wednesday nights, but Aaron has school Wednesday nights. Hopefully she will answer my email about an alternative that we can do on Fridays or on the weekends.

Meh, I'm going to go back to reading Twilight. I only have about 6 more chapters to finish before I can start on the next book. I can't wait!


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