Dec 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Yes, today is Christmas and it was a busy day!
I went to meet the rest of the inlaws on Aaron's dad's side of the family. They seemed to be very stuck up. I didn't care for them much, except Aaron's cousin, Nick, who I've known for awhile.
We were there for 2 hours before we decided to move on to the next sister's!
We had Justin and Carrie with us and I was nervous because...well, my sisters and brother can come off a little too strong, but Carrie and Justin loved them! It was good to see them. I wish I was about to go to Stephanie's to see my nephew, but she wasn't answering her phone.
After being in the valley all morning and afternoon, we headed back into Anchorage to go to Gramma and Poppy T's house to have Christmas with Seth, his parents, Cindy, Tony, Caden, Zak, and the grandparents. I had fun. My family was never really into being together all the time, so it was nice to have that sense of family around the holidays. Aaron's family does EVERYTHING together and I think it's so awesome!
After Gramma T's house, all of us came home and we had an AWESOME seafood dinner....crab legs and scallops. It was so delicious!


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