Mar 5, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me <3

1. Jesus has transformed my life, and continues to do so.

2. As of this month, I'm swearing off soda.

3. I have ADD...I think it's getting worse.

4. I'm very indecisive....ask anyone that knows me well LoL

5. I'm completely in love with 80's and 90's music. All this new crap is getting on my nerves.

6. I'm currently trying a new program out at church. It's called Read the Bible in 90 Days. To be honest, it might take me longer coz for some reason, I have to re-read certain books to understand it even a little.

7. I can't use a public restroom.

8. I miss being in tornadoes.

9. I've been much happier since I was saved and baptized last year. Things have been looking up in my life.

10. I have 2 pet goldfish. Rocko and Tiger.

11. I cannot get a tan. No matter how much I try, I just get burnt then I go straight back to my normal color....see-thru.

12. I like cartoons.

13. I don't know how to wear makeup. I've tried to wear it, but it's all so foreign to me.

14. I can't stand it when I miss a call but have no voicemail to show for it. Leave a message people!!

15. I'm very sarcastic. Sometimes I think I'm a little too sarcastic and that's why a lot of people don't like me.

16. I love the way Aaron smells.

17. I plan on going back to school soon and finish what I started.

18. I want my own home with a big, beautiful yard so I can garden.

19. I have a pet name for Aaron. It's Snickerdoodle.

20. I like to do home repairs and upgrades. That's another reason I can't wait to get my own home.

21. I love to blog and write in a journal, but sometimes it's so hard for me to put my thoughts down into words. I need to learn to video blog...

22. I love the Blackberry flip phone commercial where the guy butt dials his girlfriend, then the butt hangs up on her.
I laugh every friggin time!

23. I'm a tomboy that wishes I were more girly.

24. I enjoy going to church.

25. Pink and Black are my two favorite colors together, but I dislike them by themselves. Blue is my favorite stand alone color.


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