Mar 30, 2009

Ash has fallen in Anchorage

So like I stated in my earlier post, Mount Redoubt has been erupting.
In's been erupting all weekend!

This past Saturday, Ash started falling in Anchorage and I got some pretty good pics considering I took them with my phone.
I was stuck at work, but I took some pics on my breaks coz I knew it was coming.

This was taken about a few hours before the ash fell. It was actually a beautiful day.
This was about a half hour. You can see the ash cloud coming in.
This is when ash started falling. It was coming down like snow.
Like an idiot, I rolled down my window. Ash was stuck to it when I rolled it back up LoL.
This was taken from the inside of my truck. It's the hood covered in ash. I don't know who drove by when I took the picture.
This is the ash cloud that covered Anchorage for 2 days.

It was an interesting experience, but I don't want to go through it again!
Ash was in my eye and in my lungs forever!
We had to wear masks while working because it was getting in the building and it stuck like sulfur for a few days.
Latest update about Mount Redoubt is that it erupted again Monday morning. So far that's 20 times since March 22nd.


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