Mar 5, 2009

Finding the way....again

So as I've mentioned before in my blog, I've been saved and was baptized almost a year ago. It'll be a year on March 16th.
I was really excited and enthusiastic about going to church and just having fellowship with the other members of the church. I even became a member of the church that I went to. I became pregnant...out of wedlock before I was baptized, and when I went to one of the pastors at my church, he made me feel very uncomfortable. Like I did it on purpose. Since then, I have not gone to the church in about 6 months.
I've recently joined FaithFreaks which is a Christian version of Myspace. I began talking to some amazing people that have helped me through some of my problems and situations and I'm very thankful for that. I've been doing a lot of thinking while talking to these friends of mine on the site and I've come to realize that I've strayed a bit from God.
Talking to my friends has helped me reign back in and helped me focus more and what I need to do in my life so God is there. A few of my real-life friends were really shocked when they found out I went to a revival and God spoke to me. They were even more shocked when I was baptized and I began living a Christian life and attending church, but my life has been so much more blissful since I've made this positive change. I've met an awesome friend and later became married to him, I've started hanging out with people that don't put me down, but rather lift me up and praise me for my accomplishments, and I've met some awesome people online that share the same beliefs and told me not to be ashamed of what I am and how I love God.
As I stated before, when I became pregnant and talked to one of my pastors that made me feel uncomfortable and stopped going, I miscarried. When my pastor found out, he opened his arms up to me again and wanted me to come back to the church. I was hurt even more by this act. How can he make me feel so horrible about a mistake I made before I was saved, then open up his arms like nothing happened when the mistake went away? I guess that's when I started straying from God.
Now after talking to my amazing friends, I've found my way again. I know God forgives and I'm just happy to have found him again.


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