Mar 5, 2009

Getting discouraged

I'm really starting to get discouraged about getting pregnant.
I think my body is still messed up from the miscarriage and surgery.
Aaron and I have been trying to get pregnant since December and after 2 months, still no success. I know it's only 2 months, and many women have problems and can't seem to get pregnant until 18 months after they try, but it was so easy to get pregnant last time! We weren't even trying!!
I guess it doesn't help that Aaron hounds me all the time to take a pregnancy test when I know it's going to show up negative. I think my body is under too much stress to conceive.
The doctor wants me to take Metformin for awhile because of my PCOS. She said it will help me ovulate since I have a problem with that. She also said if I don't get pregnant within the next 6 months, she'd like me to take a fertility drug called Clomid. I did some research on this little pill because I don't want to have 8 kids all at once! Luckily, this pill doesn't cause that kind of pregnancy. Thank goodness!
I just hope everything chills out around here and I'm able to relax some. Oh! And I hope I get pregnant soon.


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