Mar 25, 2009

Girl Scout cookie season

So it's that time of the year.
You wake up and the sun is out, starting to get warmer and the snow is melting, everyone out working in their lawns so the snow doesn't flood their house when it melts....
If you live in Alaska, you might think I'm talking about break-up time, but you are completely off...

I'm talking about the dreadful................GIRL SCOUTS!

I can't go anywhere without a group of children running up to me in their uniforms with all the patches sewn on so nicely and bombarding me to buy some cookies.

I'm borderline diabetic...I don't need to eat cookies. I try to let them down nicely, but then they just get mean. I think about making a running start from my truck into the store just so they don't harrass me.

Well, Walmart is one of the hang out spots for Girl Scouts (I swear this company hates me) so every time I walk in to go to work, I'm attacked.

I was working at a cash register the other day and some of the customers were being retarded and just piling up carts at my register instead of taking them to the door since they are exiting anyway (that's a whole other blog), so I turned my light off to gather up all the carts.

There, I saw the most horrific thing!
There was a lady standing outside with her child selling those damn cookies. The little girl was going up to people coming up and asking if they would like to buy cookies, while the mother sat next to her smoking one cigarette after the other!
Meh, that doesn't sound too bad to other smokers, but while this girl is asking strangers to buy cookies, with no luck, her mother is on the phone talking like an uneducated fool and blowing smoke into the customers' face as they walk past her.

Some people just don't deserve to be parents.

P.S.: I bought a box of those damn cookies when I got off work...


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