Mar 10, 2009

The lovely world of retail

Has America really gotten too lazy to read policies or receipts nowadays?
Isn't it common sense that when you make a purchase, you keep the receipt so when you go to return the item you don't like, you have proof that you bought it for however much you say it was before it went on sale?
Don't people know that it's not the employees fault about the "stupid policies" that stores use to govern and protect themselves so they don't lose money with all the retards trying to steal things so they can make some quick money to get their next fix?

I had 3 very ugly customers today in each of these scenarios.

This is why I've tried to stay away from retail...

Oh the joy...

The first guy wanted to return an Ipod today.
He bought it 2 months ago.
He said that it wasn't staying charged or something.
He looked at his receipt and then gave it to me and said he wanted his money back.
Underneath the Ipod on the receipt, it shows in capital letters that Ipod's have only a 15 day return period....15 days!
Not 2 months.
He wanted to argue with me saying he knew that our store had a 90 day return policy (See folks...he was educated on our return policy, but he failed to read his receipt)
After a few cuss words thrown at me, he walks away...and not a happy camper and not $148.99 richer since he couldn't get his refund.
Sorry guy!

Second guy didn't have a receipt for an $80.00 blow-up mattress.
Nor did he have the box.
He brought it in with a big black trashbag and a cart...
Expected a refund.
Once again, it's posted on the wall...
America just needs to open up their eyes and read.

Third guy comes in and wants to return 4 video games.
He has a receipt!
He's within the 90 days!
But they were
Federal Law prohibits any returns on opened electronical stuff like DVDs, CD, games, etc...
It's posted everywhere in the store and it's even posted on most merchandise.
He said he didn't like the video games.
Well shouldn't have bought them without trying the demo online first!!!
Well I tried explaining the situation to him saying it's the federal law...not my law.
He wanted nothing of it, so he stormed out.
He reeked of drugs and was gross.

Don't try to come in and try to return something from Christmas in March saying it never worked....chances are, it does work and you just wanna get some cash back.
Quit being cheap...this is not the library folks....


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