Mar 22, 2009

My trip to the hospital

Bleh, so I went to the hospital on Saturday coz I was really dizzy at work and my stomach was KILLING ME!

Got to the hospital and they put an IV in my arm right away.

It took the nurse 2 tries. When she couldn't get it, she brought in some guy and he stuck me 2 more times. They finally got it in! Looks narly huh?

So after all the tests came back negative for whatever they were looking for, they had me go in for an abdominal CT. The docs thought it was either my gallbladder or my appendix...low and's my gallbladder. I have gallstones!!

I go in on Wednesday for an ultrasound to see how big the stones are and if my gallbladder is in bad shape. Depending on the size of the stones and the condition of my gallbladder, I may need surgery.

So please send positive thoughts my way!
I can't afford to miss anymore work LoL.

I got some pretty good pain pills though so I'm not in too much pain...I just pass out and die until morning LMAO.


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