Mar 10, 2009

Where do these people get off?!

I went on a break today and I walked outside to go to the smoke shack. Standing right next to the front door underneath our "No Smoking" sign, is a lady with a baby in a cart. This baby can't be more than 6 months and he had no jacket or shoes on.

It's freaking 25 degrees outside lady!

She's out there smoking and talking on a cell phone 2 feet from her under dressed child.
I stood there and watched her for a minute curious to what she was doing.
Then she starts doing the unthinkable!!!

This lady takes a drag of her cigarette and while talking on the phone to whoever, she blows the smoke in her baby's face and laughs to her friend about the reaction the baby makes. Is this lady for real????!

Shit like this pisses me off and if I wasn't in my work clothes and on the clock, I probably would have kicked her ass right there. It's one thing to subject ourselves to the cigarette, but when you knowingly know the risks of smoking and decide to blow the harmful chemicals in your child's face when they don't have any protection, well that's downright dispicable. I think stupid people should be prosecuted for maybe child endangerment. But then again, our prisons are full to the max in this country and we'd have a lot of stupid people behind bars.

I like how they did things back in the 50's...
A guy could see another adult harming a kid and kick the shit out them for doing so and the cops applauded and thanked them...


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