Mar 25, 2009

Your turn to play

1. Have super powers or have Christmas never end?
2. Drink a gallon of ketchup or a gallon of mustard?
3. Have a third arm or a third leg?
4. Eat 5 moldy piece of cheese or lick a toilet?
5. Go to a wild concert or a relaxing spa?
6. Eat sushi or eat liver?
Your turn to play....

My answers...

1. Super powers. Christmas gets annoying around November 13th after hearing Christmas music starting in September.

2. Ketchup.

3. Arm. I never seem to be able to carry enough.

4. Depends on who's toilet...

5. Spa. I need some relaxation in my life. Soon!

6. Sushi. I eat sushi all the time <3

P.S: I overheard a child ask his father where babies came from the other day while at work and the father just studdered. I love this comic...


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