Apr 30, 2009

Feeling super accomplished...AND SORE!

I had the day off today and it was such an awesome day outside!

The weather finally warmed up and it reached 70 degrees. It is finally spring in Alaska!!

I decided to do some yard work with my mother-in-law and boy she made me do a bunch of stuff. I ended up tearing down a tree that was in the front yard that was blocking the STOP sign in the summertime. It was dead, so it was time for it to go.
After chopping it down in pieces, I pruned it up and got it into even smaller pieces so I could load it into the back of the truck.
From there, I pruned some bushes from the neighbor's yard that were poking into my driveway and scraping my truck every time I parked.
THEN...I cleaned out the flower beds around the house. For some reason, all the pets in the neighborhood like to take a poop in one particular flower bed. IT SMELLED SO HORRIBLE! I got that all cleaned out and I'm trying some pet repellent stuff so I can plant flowers tomorrow.
Hopefully it works!

So now that I did all of this, my body is killing me and I'm going to try to go to sleep after talking my husband into a back massage =]

Apr 25, 2009

Weekly Praise and Prayers

My mother for making it back from AZ safe
Weight loss of 8 lbs from 2 weeks ago
Michelle [Delivering a beautiful baby girl]

Steve [Lost hair from chemo]
Summer [Miscarriage @ 7 weeks]
C [Her walk for March of Dimes]
Mike [His travel home back to TX]
Apr 24, 2009

Yes it's true

I have succumbed to the power of Twilight even more.

I'm currently over at my brother-in-law's house watching the movie.

The book is completely better...

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I can feel it coming

Every woman's favorite friend...Aunt Flo!
I haven't been regular in quite some time, so I'm just waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
I'm effing bloated, my face is breaking out in dry/oily blotches, I'm having mood swings, and I'm cramping.

I hate being a girl sometimes...
Apr 23, 2009

Auto theft anyone?

Aaron and I were downstairs watching a movie [The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. It was pretty good!] when we heard some commotion upstairs.
We went upstairs and saw my mother-in-law outside messing around with one of the trucks.
I asked what was going on, and my MIL said that she heard someone outside saying "WTF are you doing? Get away!" and she heard some car doors slam.
She ran outside and my MIL's truck door was wide open. [She has a habit of NEVER locking her doors and leaving the keys under her seat!]
Luckily nothing was stolen and my MIL locked the truck.
After talking to the neighbor who scared these guys off, they were going around our neighborhood checking for unlocked vehicles.
He said he caught the guys trying to get into the red truck first, then the gray. [My truck is the red one and my MIL's is the gray one]
Thank goodness nothing was stolen or broken...
I'll be watching and paying more attention for now.

It just never ends

I wish my husband wasn't so self-centered sometimes.
He thinks I should spend my days off cleaning because he goes to school for 4 hours, 4 days a week...
Something isn't right about this picture.

I'm probably just grouchy because I haven't been able to sleep much. Finances, work, overall stress is making me not feel good and I'm having problems falling asleep. Once I'm asleep, I wake up every hour or two. I should probably call my doctor and ask if I can take some sleeping pills with the meds I'm on already.

Well, I'm done with my rant....for now.
Back to cleaning!
Apr 21, 2009

Wonderful world of retail

Work kind of sucked today. It was really slow.
Aaron's aunt came in to the store today and she spotted me. I wish I could have hid.
This lady acts like she's better than everyone and the worst part about her...SHE CALLS ME NICOLE! I can't effing stand being called by that name. She kept calling me Nicole during Christmas as well and everyone tried to correct her so she would call me Nikke. Something isn't right about her...

Anyway, she starts singing in the Lawn & Garden center really loud. This place echoes and makes EVERYTHING louder than what is normal. People are staring at her and she's yelling, "This is my nephew's wife!"

I wanted to punch her and walk away.

She finally left, and then the day just went on soooo slooooowwww. I didn't think it would ever reach my lunchtime.
Lunchtime is my favorite. I've been reading the Twilight series during my lunch, and even though I posted a few days ago that I was going to take a break and read something different before I read the last book, I broke down and bought it. I read through like 8 chapters during the lunch. That book is so addicting. I can't wait to finish it so I can be broke free from this weird Twilight hold that everyone is locked in on.

Work went on even slower after lunch. Although, I ended up ticking off 2 women.
They thought I was being rude to them when I simply stated that another register was open and they didn't have to wait in line. They said they would be fine at the register they were at. They then went to one of my managers and told him that I was being rude to them. He asked what I specifically did that was rude and their response..."She just was!" Ha! In your face! I didn't get in trouble because...
1. I wasn't rude. I was simply trying to be nice so they wouldn't have to wait in a line when one was available. Aren't customers always bitching about waiting in line too long?
2. YOU DIDN'T HAVE A VALID REASON! These bitches couldn't even say what I did that was rude!
So nana-nana-boo-boo!

Now go kick rocks.

After they left, my manager laughed at them. Ahhh, the life of working in retail.

I can't wait for Aaron to graduate. It means I get to go part-time and then finish school. Plus the extra income won't be so bad either!
Apr 20, 2009

Finally it's over!

Thank goodness it is now April 21st.
I absolutely hate April 20th.
You get all the morons saying "OMG dude, 420 man! Let's smoke it up!"
And then you get all the re-re's being all stupid and smoking themselves even more stupid.

My new path

So as I've mentioned before, I was diagnosed with PCOS in October after I had a miscarriage. I pretty much have been in denial and said "Fuck it" basically. Until now...

Aaron and I are starting a new path and we're determined. I'm now taking Metformin, WHICH SUCKS!!! The side effects are horrible, but they're starting to alleviate somewhat. I've had headaches that put a migraine to shame, haven't been able to stay off the toilet, can't stop vomitting, and the stomach cramps were so bad to where you could see the muscles cramping up!

I'm going to stick through all of it though. Aaron and I are serious about wanting to have a baby, and the doctor said this may be the only way I can get pregnant without taking fertility drugs. We've started eating healthier, which is good. It's also good while taking Metformin so I don't end up eating some greasy food and regretting it later with all the pain I would be in. It also helps because Metformin makes most women [and men I guess] lose weight. I've already lost like 10 pounds since I've been taking the Metformin!

Hopefully the side effects will subside long enough for me to enjoy a few weeks before I have to up my dosage. My doc wants me to eventually be at 2000mg, and I'm working my way up to 1000mg right now.

I bought an exercise ball today. Doc wants me to work out on it 3 times a week, and I have a glider that I love. I'm working on finding a good gym that Aaron and I can go to together and work out. With my crazy schedule and his, I'm pretty sure I'll be needing to find an exercise buddy soon! I hate going by myself.

I'm pretty determined.
We'll see how it all plays out!
Apr 19, 2009


So yesterday was my birthday. I had to work which sucked! I never get days off that I request. Stupid Walmart nazis.

At work, this is how my birthday was acknowledged... That's a pic of the time clock LoL

This is what I got from Aaron....

Never again will I eat Red Robin

Should have learned the first time...

After work, Aaron picked me up and we went to Red Robin for a birthday dinner. We got there and ordered our drinks and our food. It took 40 minutes to get our appetizer, and another 40 minutes after that to get our food.
I noticed what I ordered tasted a little different, but I thought it was because I was really hungry and hadn't been there in a long time.
[Looking back at this exact moment, I should have remembered the last time I got food poisoning at this place.]
We pay our check, then go home.
We watch a couple of movies, I take a shower, and then we go to bed.
3am rolls around and all of a sudden I wake up and dart to the bathroom.
I spent all night SICK!
My stomach was killing me. I've never felt this sick in a long time. I didn't get to roll back into bed until almost 7 in the morning.

Sorry Red Robin...but that was the last time I'll be visiting your establishment.
Apr 18, 2009

Done with Eclipse

So the Twilight series has pretty much sucked the life out of me.
I just finished Eclipse, the third book, yesterday during my lunch break and it was good! I just need to find a different book to read before I read the last and final book of the Twilight series.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?
I like to read just about everything.

Sunday Praise and Prayers

For being able to live another year!
Aaron for finally realizing he had an issue.
Myself, for being smoke free for 2 weeks.
Steve [Cancer]
Aaron [New lifestyle]
C [Her heavy heart]
Megan & Kyle [Keep the faith. Your time is coming]
Kou [Healthy delivery]
Apr 16, 2009


Bleh...I got tagged.

Here's the rules:
1. Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW
2. No primping or preparing.
3. Upload to blog.
4. Tag other people to play.
Yeah I know it's horrible. 3am and in glasses LoL
I tag:
Whoever wants to play the silly game.

Officially over the 2 week hump

I just realized I just got over the 2 weeks of not smoking!
I'm doing fantastic!
Although I do crave the action still, but not the nicotine.
Ok...now I'm done celebrating.

Feeling blah

I don't know what is going on, but lately, I've just felt...blah.
I think it might have something to do with hormones. Ever since my miscarriage, my hormones have been out of whack and so has my cycle. I never know when I'm PMSing or when I'm going to start.
I think a lot of it has to do with my upcoming birthday. I always get all "blah" when my birthday is coming. Partly because I know no one will wish me a happy birthday or anything. I'm not even able to do anything for my birthday because my work schedule SUCKS! I need a different job, but the economy nowadays just blows and I know I'll never get another job without finishing school.
I was watching something on the news where it mentioned that unemployment has gone up another 2% since January. This just blows.
Think I might take a sleeping pill and sleep until I have to go to work.

101 Things About Me

So here are 101 things about me

1. is a dork
2. and embraces it.
3. can't remember the name of the very first boy she ever kissed.
4. has PCOS.
5. was diagnosed in October after she had a miscarriage.
6. has pretty much ignored it, but is now embracing it and working on getting it in check so she can conceive again.
7. actually gave a 'box of rocks' as a gift.
8. can't say words with a really hard "q" sound. Don't ask her to say Cusak LoL
9. has been electrocuted.
10. has no feeling in 3 fingers on her left hand from being electrocuted.
11. hopes to one day have the kiss in the rain from "The Notebook."
12. hates cocky people.
13. is a natural blonde.
14. and doesn't think being dumb or ditzy has anything to do with hair color.
15. loves her pj bottoms.
16. fears failure.
17. always wanted to play football in high school.
18. misses my grampa.
19. hates celebrating birthdays.
20. doesn't care what others think about her
21. gets excited when she gets mail.
22. secretly likes most of reality TV.
23. has moved over 20 times since she was born.
24. loves thunder and lightning storms.
25. has an obsession with chocolate and peanut butter.
26. loves helping people.
27. spent 15 hours on the phone one time.
28. often thinks about a Creed concert back in 2000.
29. had a music video save her from a VERY stupid decision. "Superman" by 3 Doors Down.
30. quit smoking.
31. finally realized smoking was a disgusting habit.
32. but hates the fact that she can now smell every little smell.
33. got baptized a year ago.
34. wants to visit Sweden before I die.
35. speaks Svenska...fluently.
36. wants to be more confident
37. and have better self esteem.
38. loves flip flops!
39. couldn't swallow pills until she turned 19.
40. Hates Facebook.
41. secretly loves Myspace
42. is vowing to drink more water
43. wants to be financially stable.
44. tends to be really moody.
45. thinks Walmart is trying to take over the world.
46. wants to see the world.
47. believes getting married was the best thing to do.
48. but admits...marriage is hard.
49. loves kettle chips
50. wants to see a Packers game.
51. doesn't leave the house without her cell phone...ever
52. or lip gloss.
53. wishes for a "normal" work schedule.
54. loves car rides in the middle of the night.
55. gets annoyed when there is nothing to watch on TV.
56. loves daffodils.
57. wishes life was fair.
58. hates working retail.
59. has seen a tornado.
60. has experiences an earthquake.
61. wants to experience a hurricane.
62. would love to talk to her "biological father".
63. wishes she went to school earlier.
64. wishes she were more outgoing.
65. had to grow up too fast.
66. wishes things happened different in my life.
67. wishes I was closer to family.
68. wants to be more girly.
69. loves to be cooky.
70. would die without apple juice.
71. wishes she grew up in the late 60's and 70's.
72. sometimes hates her mother-in-law.
73. loves watching people.
74. wants to live on a farm.
75. and have horses, pigs, goats, dogs, and chickens.
76. can't dance.
77. When I type, I keep my fingers on the "home keys" and never look at the keyboard.
78. loves to fish.
79. loves summer.
80. would die without hoodies and jeans.
81. hates taking pictures of herself.
82. I don't "forward" chain texts or e-mails.
83. wishes everyone who did forward them would STOP.
84. I rolled a car 3 times off the highway.
85. it was fun.
86. loves black and white movies.
87. donated hair to Locks of Love.
88. been wearing contacts/glasses since I was 6.
89. my greatest fear is being alone
90. wants to write a book.
91. but doesn't have the patience to
92. believes perfection doesn't exist, but it doesn't hurt to strive for it.
93. misses "house" music.
94. would die without music.
95. loves her IPod
96. loves exploring new music
97. has written a few songs
98. and recorded them off of her computer
99. never lets anyone hear them.
100. indecision is my biggest pet peeve
101. but I'm the most indecisive person.
Apr 15, 2009

Tax Day! Dun...dun...dun

So today is the deadline to get your taxes filed!
Did you get your out on time?
Psh, I got mine and spent it already on a bill!
Apr 14, 2009

Ticked off!

I'm ticked that Blogger said I had to have my blog as "Adult Content" because of my post about McCain & Palin.

Here I am, going through the site and viewing other blogs, but some dude can have tits, ass, and vagina pictures on his blog and it not be put as "Adult Content".

Burn in hell...

Susan Boyle

So everyone's been talking about her...
I couldn't believe at first. Thought she was lip syncing.
Check her out!
Susan Boyle

Comments fixed

Thanks for all the emails about my comments not working.
As of a hour ago, they were working.
Let me know if you have any problems!
Apr 13, 2009

Random thoughts from work

~ People that hold up my line staring at pennies they have and debating whether or not they want to spend it or keep it because of the year the penny was made...COME ON NOW!

~ People that come to my tiny ass counter with a FULL cart and then complain because there isn't enough room for all of their stuff. Maybe they didn't see the sign that said "12 Items or Less"...

~ Leaving carts abandoned because you're too lazy to drop it off with the people at the door where you got it to begin with.

~ People that hand me their money crumpled up and want to complain when I stand there and try to unfold it all to count.

~ When a debit or credit card gets denied and the customer looks around at the people behind them and yells, "I have $16,000 in the bank! Run it again!" I run the card again and it gets denied. Maybe you should keep your $16,000 in your wallet so you're not ever in that embarrassing situation again...
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I only had 4.5 hours of sleep last night. I'm sitting outside in the parking lot at work dreading to go in.

I hate me work schedule!

Bleh, I'm getting sick too. Can't wait for 5PM!

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Apr 12, 2009


So I signed up for Twitter.
What the hell is this all about?
Meh. I might be deleting it.
Looks dumb.

Random thoughts from work

~ My makeup is starting to run.

~ Irritated at a certain front end manager. She tried to take a gift away I got another cashier so she could buy some balloons. Some other cashiers told her it was wrong, but she said, "She'll never know". That really upset me. Debating whether or not I should say something to her.

~ Too much drama at work. This isn't Gossip Girl!!!

~ Sick and tired of my work schedule. I have to work until 9pm tonight then be back at work at 8am. I guess I'm not supposed to eat, clean, and shower...

~ Feeling bad coz I haven't been to church in awhile. My work schedule sucks!! I always work like 9am - 6pm, or 10a - 7p...I can never make a service.

~ Twilight series has me going crazy! I'm on the 3rd book right now and I starting reading a little bit before work. Bad idea! I can't wait until my lunch so I can read more!

~ Price checks all day long...people really need to learn how to read. This is getting ridiculous!

~ Major headache and feeling nauseaous. I think I'm gonna start my period soon.
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Sunday Praise and Prayers

It's Easter today!

Genevie got out of the hospital after breaking her hip.
Mike & Pat making it to Alaska safe.

Steve while going through chemo.
For C. She asked for some prayers.
For Nat and her family after losing her grandfather.
The strength I need to beat this habit of mine.

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to say Happy Easter as I'm on my way to work.

Hope it's a good one!

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Apr 10, 2009

Very hilarious 911 calls

Lady calls 911 because McD's is out of chicken nuggets!

Apr 8, 2009

Just one of those days...


It's been one of those days today.
It first started when Aaron and I got pulled over on the way to work today.

I was freaking out coz of course, I forgot to put on my seatbelt. I hate being a passenger! I don't know what it is, but when I'm a passenger, I forget to put my seatbelt on, but if I'm driving, I won't even start the truck until my seatbelt is on. But anywho, I'm rambling and getting off topic again....

So as I was saying, we got pulled over. The cop came to the side of the truck and asked Aaron if he knew why he got pulled over (I always hate this question...). Aaron looked at him and said no, so the cop asked if he knew if his brake lights were out. Duh!!! Like we can see behind us when the sun is blaring outside! No he ran the registration and Aaron's license and gave us a fix-it ticket.

So the whole ride to work, Aaron's bitching now coz of the fix-it ticket and not being able to go back home and study. I'm already running a little late, so I rush into Walmart and get some bulbs and fuses so he can go back home and figure it out, then I'll return whatever he didn't use.

I rush back outside and all the way to the back of the parking lot to hand him the things, but he's gone. I WAS PISSED! I called his cell and he decided to drive around the parking lot thinking that was going to fix it LoL. So I drop the stuff off to him and haul ass back in to work knowing I'm probably going to get reemed for being late, but I got lucky...I was only 5 minutes late.

Thank you God for the 9 mintues grace period!

So being late got me all flustered and I just kept messing up all day at work. I was getting pissed. I kept messing up, dropping things, saying the wrong totals like I was dyslexic or something, and all together just having an off day.

Can't wait to go to bed and forget it!

Apr 7, 2009

Making money taking surveys

A friend sent me a link to make some extra bucks taking surveys on CashCrate.
I did this once before and didn't put too much time into until I had proof that it worked and it did. I took a few surveys and ended up getting a check in the mail for $15 LoL.

Well I decided to get back into and last month made an extra $100!

That's just from doing the 100% free surveys. I haven't done the ones where you need a credit card or anything coz frankly, I don't trust the site THAT much.


That's my referral link so click on it and sign up and start making money!

A few tips...
1. Make a different email account through hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc so you won't get a bunch of spam in your main email account.

2. Have fun taking surveys!

Let me know if you signed up and need help.
Apr 3, 2009

Not just a man's dream...

Haha. I'd love to have a walk-in closet refrig.

Addicted to a stupid game

So I've been playing on online version of hangman and I hate this game!
I only started playing coz I was bored out of my mind waiting for some news.
Now I'm addicted!
Apr 2, 2009

Ouiser Boudreaux

So I came across a post from one of the blogs I follow and I loved it!

The movie Steel Magnolias has been one of my favorite movies FOREVER! I could always identify with them all. So I saw a post about a quiz you can take to see what character you are and I'm Ouiser! LoL. She's a fiesty character!

You are Ouiser. You are confident, self-reliant, and comfortable speaking
your mind. You may have cared what other people thought of you in the past, but
you're over that now. As you say, you're "not as sweet" as you used to be.
(Perhaps you've been hurt in the past, so you have told yourself it's better to
protect yourself than be hurt again?) You're comfortable in your own skin, and
often say what everyone else is thinking, although they'd never dream of saying
it aloud! You're witty and can be brash and sarcastic, but deep down you're a
real softy! You are used to showing a hard outer shell, but sometimes you don't
know what to do when life crumbles around you. It's during these times, you need
to lean on those girlfriends to get you through. And once you're feeling
better...you can bounce back to your rare form we all know and love! (P.S., we
all secretly admire your confidence!)

If you haven't seen this movie...go get it! It's fantastic!

2 Legit...

What you can do with two fingers (index and middle):
- Take a pulse
- Smooth your eyelid
- Smoke a cigarette
- Pull a bow
- Make a peace sign
- Operate a finger puppet
- Cross them for luck
- Give a military salute in Poland
- Type on the keyboard...clumsily
- Shoot a pretend gun
- Poke someone in the eye
- Make a scissor shape
- Wind string around them
- Do rabbit ears behind someone in a picture
- Hold hair while cutting it
- Pull on a shoe
- Make "quotation" signs
- Make a little man walk
- Signal the number two
- Make a goal in finger football
- Strum a bass guitar
- Flick cards
- Scouts honor
- Whistle loudly (I can't seem to whistle that way)
- Count to two

....now, how many of those did you try?

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