Apr 16, 2009

101 Things About Me

So here are 101 things about me

1. is a dork
2. and embraces it.
3. can't remember the name of the very first boy she ever kissed.
4. has PCOS.
5. was diagnosed in October after she had a miscarriage.
6. has pretty much ignored it, but is now embracing it and working on getting it in check so she can conceive again.
7. actually gave a 'box of rocks' as a gift.
8. can't say words with a really hard "q" sound. Don't ask her to say Cusak LoL
9. has been electrocuted.
10. has no feeling in 3 fingers on her left hand from being electrocuted.
11. hopes to one day have the kiss in the rain from "The Notebook."
12. hates cocky people.
13. is a natural blonde.
14. and doesn't think being dumb or ditzy has anything to do with hair color.
15. loves her pj bottoms.
16. fears failure.
17. always wanted to play football in high school.
18. misses my grampa.
19. hates celebrating birthdays.
20. doesn't care what others think about her
21. gets excited when she gets mail.
22. secretly likes most of reality TV.
23. has moved over 20 times since she was born.
24. loves thunder and lightning storms.
25. has an obsession with chocolate and peanut butter.
26. loves helping people.
27. spent 15 hours on the phone one time.
28. often thinks about a Creed concert back in 2000.
29. had a music video save her from a VERY stupid decision. "Superman" by 3 Doors Down.
30. quit smoking.
31. finally realized smoking was a disgusting habit.
32. but hates the fact that she can now smell every little smell.
33. got baptized a year ago.
34. wants to visit Sweden before I die.
35. speaks Svenska...fluently.
36. wants to be more confident
37. and have better self esteem.
38. loves flip flops!
39. couldn't swallow pills until she turned 19.
40. Hates Facebook.
41. secretly loves Myspace
42. is vowing to drink more water
43. wants to be financially stable.
44. tends to be really moody.
45. thinks Walmart is trying to take over the world.
46. wants to see the world.
47. believes getting married was the best thing to do.
48. but admits...marriage is hard.
49. loves kettle chips
50. wants to see a Packers game.
51. doesn't leave the house without her cell phone...ever
52. or lip gloss.
53. wishes for a "normal" work schedule.
54. loves car rides in the middle of the night.
55. gets annoyed when there is nothing to watch on TV.
56. loves daffodils.
57. wishes life was fair.
58. hates working retail.
59. has seen a tornado.
60. has experiences an earthquake.
61. wants to experience a hurricane.
62. would love to talk to her "biological father".
63. wishes she went to school earlier.
64. wishes she were more outgoing.
65. had to grow up too fast.
66. wishes things happened different in my life.
67. wishes I was closer to family.
68. wants to be more girly.
69. loves to be cooky.
70. would die without apple juice.
71. wishes she grew up in the late 60's and 70's.
72. sometimes hates her mother-in-law.
73. loves watching people.
74. wants to live on a farm.
75. and have horses, pigs, goats, dogs, and chickens.
76. can't dance.
77. When I type, I keep my fingers on the "home keys" and never look at the keyboard.
78. loves to fish.
79. loves summer.
80. would die without hoodies and jeans.
81. hates taking pictures of herself.
82. I don't "forward" chain texts or e-mails.
83. wishes everyone who did forward them would STOP.
84. I rolled a car 3 times off the highway.
85. it was fun.
86. loves black and white movies.
87. donated hair to Locks of Love.
88. been wearing contacts/glasses since I was 6.
89. my greatest fear is being alone
90. wants to write a book.
91. but doesn't have the patience to
92. believes perfection doesn't exist, but it doesn't hurt to strive for it.
93. misses "house" music.
94. would die without music.
95. loves her IPod
96. loves exploring new music
97. has written a few songs
98. and recorded them off of her computer
99. never lets anyone hear them.
100. indecision is my biggest pet peeve
101. but I'm the most indecisive person.


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