Apr 2, 2009

2 Legit...

What you can do with two fingers (index and middle):
- Take a pulse
- Smooth your eyelid
- Smoke a cigarette
- Pull a bow
- Make a peace sign
- Operate a finger puppet
- Cross them for luck
- Give a military salute in Poland
- Type on the keyboard...clumsily
- Shoot a pretend gun
- Poke someone in the eye
- Make a scissor shape
- Wind string around them
- Do rabbit ears behind someone in a picture
- Hold hair while cutting it
- Pull on a shoe
- Make "quotation" signs
- Make a little man walk
- Signal the number two
- Make a goal in finger football
- Strum a bass guitar
- Flick cards
- Scouts honor
- Whistle loudly (I can't seem to whistle that way)
- Count to two

....now, how many of those did you try?


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