Apr 23, 2009

Auto theft anyone?

Aaron and I were downstairs watching a movie [The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. It was pretty good!] when we heard some commotion upstairs.
We went upstairs and saw my mother-in-law outside messing around with one of the trucks.
I asked what was going on, and my MIL said that she heard someone outside saying "WTF are you doing? Get away!" and she heard some car doors slam.
She ran outside and my MIL's truck door was wide open. [She has a habit of NEVER locking her doors and leaving the keys under her seat!]
Luckily nothing was stolen and my MIL locked the truck.
After talking to the neighbor who scared these guys off, they were going around our neighborhood checking for unlocked vehicles.
He said he caught the guys trying to get into the red truck first, then the gray. [My truck is the red one and my MIL's is the gray one]
Thank goodness nothing was stolen or broken...
I'll be watching and paying more attention for now.


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