Apr 8, 2009

Just one of those days...


It's been one of those days today.
It first started when Aaron and I got pulled over on the way to work today.

I was freaking out coz of course, I forgot to put on my seatbelt. I hate being a passenger! I don't know what it is, but when I'm a passenger, I forget to put my seatbelt on, but if I'm driving, I won't even start the truck until my seatbelt is on. But anywho, I'm rambling and getting off topic again....

So as I was saying, we got pulled over. The cop came to the side of the truck and asked Aaron if he knew why he got pulled over (I always hate this question...). Aaron looked at him and said no, so the cop asked if he knew if his brake lights were out. Duh!!! Like we can see behind us when the sun is blaring outside! No he ran the registration and Aaron's license and gave us a fix-it ticket.

So the whole ride to work, Aaron's bitching now coz of the fix-it ticket and not being able to go back home and study. I'm already running a little late, so I rush into Walmart and get some bulbs and fuses so he can go back home and figure it out, then I'll return whatever he didn't use.

I rush back outside and all the way to the back of the parking lot to hand him the things, but he's gone. I WAS PISSED! I called his cell and he decided to drive around the parking lot thinking that was going to fix it LoL. So I drop the stuff off to him and haul ass back in to work knowing I'm probably going to get reemed for being late, but I got lucky...I was only 5 minutes late.

Thank you God for the 9 mintues grace period!

So being late got me all flustered and I just kept messing up all day at work. I was getting pissed. I kept messing up, dropping things, saying the wrong totals like I was dyslexic or something, and all together just having an off day.

Can't wait to go to bed and forget it!


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