Apr 7, 2009

Making money taking surveys

A friend sent me a link to make some extra bucks taking surveys on CashCrate.
I did this once before and didn't put too much time into until I had proof that it worked and it did. I took a few surveys and ended up getting a check in the mail for $15 LoL.

Well I decided to get back into and last month made an extra $100!

That's just from doing the 100% free surveys. I haven't done the ones where you need a credit card or anything coz frankly, I don't trust the site THAT much.


That's my referral link so click on it and sign up and start making money!

A few tips...
1. Make a different email account through hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc so you won't get a bunch of spam in your main email account.

2. Have fun taking surveys!

Let me know if you signed up and need help.


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