Apr 20, 2009

My new path

So as I've mentioned before, I was diagnosed with PCOS in October after I had a miscarriage. I pretty much have been in denial and said "Fuck it" basically. Until now...

Aaron and I are starting a new path and we're determined. I'm now taking Metformin, WHICH SUCKS!!! The side effects are horrible, but they're starting to alleviate somewhat. I've had headaches that put a migraine to shame, haven't been able to stay off the toilet, can't stop vomitting, and the stomach cramps were so bad to where you could see the muscles cramping up!

I'm going to stick through all of it though. Aaron and I are serious about wanting to have a baby, and the doctor said this may be the only way I can get pregnant without taking fertility drugs. We've started eating healthier, which is good. It's also good while taking Metformin so I don't end up eating some greasy food and regretting it later with all the pain I would be in. It also helps because Metformin makes most women [and men I guess] lose weight. I've already lost like 10 pounds since I've been taking the Metformin!

Hopefully the side effects will subside long enough for me to enjoy a few weeks before I have to up my dosage. My doc wants me to eventually be at 2000mg, and I'm working my way up to 1000mg right now.

I bought an exercise ball today. Doc wants me to work out on it 3 times a week, and I have a glider that I love. I'm working on finding a good gym that Aaron and I can go to together and work out. With my crazy schedule and his, I'm pretty sure I'll be needing to find an exercise buddy soon! I hate going by myself.

I'm pretty determined.
We'll see how it all plays out!


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