Apr 19, 2009

Never again will I eat Red Robin

Should have learned the first time...

After work, Aaron picked me up and we went to Red Robin for a birthday dinner. We got there and ordered our drinks and our food. It took 40 minutes to get our appetizer, and another 40 minutes after that to get our food.
I noticed what I ordered tasted a little different, but I thought it was because I was really hungry and hadn't been there in a long time.
[Looking back at this exact moment, I should have remembered the last time I got food poisoning at this place.]
We pay our check, then go home.
We watch a couple of movies, I take a shower, and then we go to bed.
3am rolls around and all of a sudden I wake up and dart to the bathroom.
I spent all night SICK!
My stomach was killing me. I've never felt this sick in a long time. I didn't get to roll back into bed until almost 7 in the morning.

Sorry Red Robin...but that was the last time I'll be visiting your establishment.


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