Apr 2, 2009

Ouiser Boudreaux

So I came across a post from one of the blogs I follow and I loved it!

The movie Steel Magnolias has been one of my favorite movies FOREVER! I could always identify with them all. So I saw a post about a quiz you can take to see what character you are and I'm Ouiser! LoL. She's a fiesty character!

You are Ouiser. You are confident, self-reliant, and comfortable speaking
your mind. You may have cared what other people thought of you in the past, but
you're over that now. As you say, you're "not as sweet" as you used to be.
(Perhaps you've been hurt in the past, so you have told yourself it's better to
protect yourself than be hurt again?) You're comfortable in your own skin, and
often say what everyone else is thinking, although they'd never dream of saying
it aloud! You're witty and can be brash and sarcastic, but deep down you're a
real softy! You are used to showing a hard outer shell, but sometimes you don't
know what to do when life crumbles around you. It's during these times, you need
to lean on those girlfriends to get you through. And once you're feeling
better...you can bounce back to your rare form we all know and love! (P.S., we
all secretly admire your confidence!)

If you haven't seen this movie...go get it! It's fantastic!


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