Apr 12, 2009

Random thoughts from work

~ My makeup is starting to run.

~ Irritated at a certain front end manager. She tried to take a gift away I got another cashier so she could buy some balloons. Some other cashiers told her it was wrong, but she said, "She'll never know". That really upset me. Debating whether or not I should say something to her.

~ Too much drama at work. This isn't Gossip Girl!!!

~ Sick and tired of my work schedule. I have to work until 9pm tonight then be back at work at 8am. I guess I'm not supposed to eat, clean, and shower...

~ Feeling bad coz I haven't been to church in awhile. My work schedule sucks!! I always work like 9am - 6pm, or 10a - 7p...I can never make a service.

~ Twilight series has me going crazy! I'm on the 3rd book right now and I starting reading a little bit before work. Bad idea! I can't wait until my lunch so I can read more!

~ Price checks all day long...people really need to learn how to read. This is getting ridiculous!

~ Major headache and feeling nauseaous. I think I'm gonna start my period soon.
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