Apr 13, 2009

Random thoughts from work

~ People that hold up my line staring at pennies they have and debating whether or not they want to spend it or keep it because of the year the penny was made...COME ON NOW!

~ People that come to my tiny ass counter with a FULL cart and then complain because there isn't enough room for all of their stuff. Maybe they didn't see the sign that said "12 Items or Less"...

~ Leaving carts abandoned because you're too lazy to drop it off with the people at the door where you got it to begin with.

~ People that hand me their money crumpled up and want to complain when I stand there and try to unfold it all to count.

~ When a debit or credit card gets denied and the customer looks around at the people behind them and yells, "I have $16,000 in the bank! Run it again!" I run the card again and it gets denied. Maybe you should keep your $16,000 in your wallet so you're not ever in that embarrassing situation again...
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