Apr 21, 2009

Wonderful world of retail

Work kind of sucked today. It was really slow.
Aaron's aunt came in to the store today and she spotted me. I wish I could have hid.
This lady acts like she's better than everyone and the worst part about her...SHE CALLS ME NICOLE! I can't effing stand being called by that name. She kept calling me Nicole during Christmas as well and everyone tried to correct her so she would call me Nikke. Something isn't right about her...

Anyway, she starts singing in the Lawn & Garden center really loud. This place echoes and makes EVERYTHING louder than what is normal. People are staring at her and she's yelling, "This is my nephew's wife!"

I wanted to punch her and walk away.

She finally left, and then the day just went on soooo slooooowwww. I didn't think it would ever reach my lunchtime.
Lunchtime is my favorite. I've been reading the Twilight series during my lunch, and even though I posted a few days ago that I was going to take a break and read something different before I read the last book, I broke down and bought it. I read through like 8 chapters during the lunch. That book is so addicting. I can't wait to finish it so I can be broke free from this weird Twilight hold that everyone is locked in on.

Work went on even slower after lunch. Although, I ended up ticking off 2 women.
They thought I was being rude to them when I simply stated that another register was open and they didn't have to wait in line. They said they would be fine at the register they were at. They then went to one of my managers and told him that I was being rude to them. He asked what I specifically did that was rude and their response..."She just was!" Ha! In your face! I didn't get in trouble because...
1. I wasn't rude. I was simply trying to be nice so they wouldn't have to wait in a line when one was available. Aren't customers always bitching about waiting in line too long?
2. YOU DIDN'T HAVE A VALID REASON! These bitches couldn't even say what I did that was rude!
So nana-nana-boo-boo!

Now go kick rocks.

After they left, my manager laughed at them. Ahhh, the life of working in retail.

I can't wait for Aaron to graduate. It means I get to go part-time and then finish school. Plus the extra income won't be so bad either!


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