May 18, 2009

Cramps, cramps, and more cramps

Now I remember why I really didn't care if I had a period one month or not.
Cramps are killing me!!
I thought I was going to die at work today. I bought some Midol, but that didn't even touch it!

Work sucked like normal, but we were soooo busy and for some reason, the schedule was all whacked out. We only had 4 or 5 cashiers by 5pm and my last break was a hour late and everyone and their mother decided to come in and check out at the same time!

Customer service desk was even worse!
This chick came in with 2 DVD players and wanted to return them both. The owner manual was missing out of one and the serial numbers didn't even match what the box and receipt said. She got really pissed and was cussing me out because she thought I hated my job since I was being rude with her. HA! I'm going through procedure!
People crack me up when they try to work the system.

1 day of work....5 more down to go before I have a day off.
This is going to be a looooong work week.

GIST: Happy @ work. Day went by really fast.


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