May 24, 2009

Have I mentioned I love bowling?

Yes it's true! I love bowling even though I'm not very good.
Two years ago, Aaron & I bought our own bowling balls and shoes and used to go to the lanes every weekend, but we sort of fell out of that routine because I work all the time.

Well I had Saturday off so we went bowling and I had a lot of fun.
Don't my bowling shoes rock??
They glow under the neon lights =]]

GIST (Saturday): Being able to spend an evening with my hubby and laughing the whole time ♥

I only had one day off so I'm extremely tired.
My schedule has got to be the worst schedule ever for the job that I do.
I am so tired of my job, but I'm just thankful I have one in this economy until I finish my education. I can't wait till that happens so I can have a job that I actually love.
It's so tiring on me anymore LoL.

GIST (Sunday): Being cool all day at work, and being able to see the sun set


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