May 4, 2009

Let's get drunk and go to Walmart!

Work completely sucked today! Not only was it hot as hell AGAIN, but for some reason, today was "Let's get drunk and go to Walmart" day. They were all over the place!

I got to work at 11:30 this morning and my very first customer was a woman in her late 40's and a man. The whole time I was helping them, she was cussing at the man and swaying. I seriously thought she was going to fall over.

As I handed the woman her receipt, she looked at me and told me to (in her words), "Fuck" myself. My reaction was to laugh hysterically. I thought it was so hilarious. I wasn't upset or anything because I was laughing too hard. The other cashiers and some of the other managers were looking at me while they saw the whole thing happen and they figured I was going to jump on the lady and start wringing her neck or something.

So work went on from there. I had my lunch and was clock watching while I was waiting to go home, when a woman came to me and got really close to me asking me where she could buy tobacco. I swear I got a contact drunk from this lady. She REEKED of alcohol and cigarettes. I pointed her into the direction of where the tobacco products are sold, and that's when she started yelling for her child to follow her. Her child couldn't have been more than 4 years old. It's people like this that effing piss me off. I wish there was something I could do for these children.

I need a new job...


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