May 5, 2009

Wonderful World of Retail 2

Lady comes in wearing a purse, tshirt, and buttons all over saying, "Stop global warming!", "Green is the new black", "Save the ozone!", yet she buys $364 worth of groceries and things and asks for EVERYTHING to be double bagged...

The lady who takes 10 mintues to count change came in today and held up my line to check all of her change for dates on her coins. She only needed 4 cents...

Someone asked me how much cigarettes were. I told them (they are $9.47 here) and they begin to yell at me like I'm the one that priced them. Take it up with the local government people! It's the state that is increasing them. Another one of my favorites is when people assume cigarettes are so high to pay for our store's remodel.

Here in Alaska we have something called a Quest card. It's like a debit card with foodstamps and cash assistance. It really irritates me when people buy cigarettes with the "cash assistance" portion. I'm glad my taxes are going to their cigarette habit. Lord knows I quit because I couldn't afford the habit now that cigarettes are almost 10 bucks, but people on welfare sure can with my tax dollars!


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