May 30, 2009

Wonderful world of retail

I know this is a little weird, but I just started laughing so hard after I helped this customer today, but that's a little later.

I have a HUGE beef with this other lady...

So I got to work today and I went to my department and there was a lady that was very angry because her check did not go through. She started going off on one of the cashiers that was helping and she dropped the N bomb. I absolutely hate that word. I think it's the most disgusting word. I gave her this look when I heard that word, and the cashier walked away. She then started to say she was sorry but she has MS and it causes her to lash out like that against black people. HELLO???? Since when did MS make people lash out in a racial way? I got a Co-Manager and the lady began to talk to her. I let the Co-Manager know what was said and everything and she told the lady she was going to have to leave. I swear...sometimes I just want to smack these people!!

On a lighter note, I was coming back from my last break when I was once again walking back to my department and I saw a lady in a wheelchair. I've noticed this lady before because she comes in 5 times a week and wheels herself around the store for a few hours each time. I noticed quite a few months ago, that she has a prostetic leg. As I was walking towards her, I saw her look up, then she looked back down. Then all of a sudden she did something so off the wall....

She takes her prostetic leg off and reaches for something on a shelf!!!
That's right...she took it off and used it to grab something.

I ran up to her and asked if she needed any help and she was very happy that someone came to her rescue. She put on her leg again and I helped her finish shopping. When she left I couldn't help it but laugh my ass off! I know it's horrible, but it was like something off of a comedy show!

It really made my day and it makes me feel a lot better knowing she was laughing her ass off as well when I was helping her. I don't feel so bad...



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