Jun 27, 2009

Catching up...Summer Solstice, 80 degree weather, and seeing a dead body!

So I've been super busy with work and trying to get over a cold.
I completely missed out in sharing Summer Solstice. For those that don't know, in Alaska during the summer, it stays light out 22 - 24 hours a day. Summer Solstice is the longest day of
the year where it is 24 hours of light. It started out a really sunny day this year, but then it got all rainy, so the pics I got that were taken at 3:30am aren't the brightest that it usually is because of all the clouds, but it's still really bright.

This was taken outside of my brother-in-law's house at 3:36am

The rainy sky @ 3:37am
Like I said, it's usually sunnier out at night, but it was rainy...blah.

Although, we had some pretty good weather the day before.

See everyone? It does get above freezing in Alaska! 80 degrees is sooooo hot here.

I got some pretty good pictures later on that evening of the sky and the moon.

The moon with the sun behind me.

Close up on the moon
Summer's are my favorite in Alaska! I love that I can see the sun AND the moon at the same time.

On another note...
The other day, Aaron and I were shopping and we looked across the street and saw a Medical Examiner van. We were pretty intrigued, so we drove over there and that's when I saw a dead body! They were pulling a guy out of the tall grass and bushes in a black bag, but didn't have the bag zipped!! I saw the arm and side of the face. I snapped a pic of the van and people standing around. I went home and watched the news a few hours later and I saw our truck on the news and here I am with my phone...Haha. Hello Alaska.

Medical Examiner van on side of road.



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