Jun 12, 2009

My thoughs about April Rose

I feel sad for the woman behind the blog. I've read a few articles about her and think it's sad that she had to resort to that to cope with the loss of her baby before.

She deceived so many other women that have known what it's like to lose a child. She exploited the feelings of those women. Sadly, like any woman that knows the feeling of losing a child, fell captive to her blog. I was a religious reader offering support and a shoulder to lean on.

Many women said they kind of suspected something was up after awhile, but I was completely oblivious. I opened my heart and felt a little of her pain. I can't believe someone would take it that far and instead of giving all the women she deceived and explanation, she just went and deleted her blog, Facebook, and all the other sites she had going on. Coward.

I really hope she gets the help she so desperately needs.
I will continue to pray for her. I hope she didn't gain anything monetary. If so, I hope there is some kind of consequence. I know a lot of people sold Tshirts for the cause. I wonder where that money went to...



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