Jun 10, 2009

Something that's been weighing me down

There's this friend of mine that I consider family. For the sake of this blog, I will call him "Bob". We've known each other a really long time.
We've had some up and downs in our friendship. I didn't know this when I first met and started hanging out with him, but "Bob" is addicted to drugs. His drug of choice is cocaine. "Bob" currently owes me over 2 grand from various loans and some theft of my money.
Once I met my (now) husband, "Bob" stopped hanging out with me and pretty much ignored me unless he needed something.
We would hang out every once in awhile, but once we went somewhere, he would disappear on us, always on his phone trying to score something.
Well things have escalated lately...

"Bob" hasn't had a job in 6 years that I've known him, except helping a few days during the winter shoveling some snow. I pretty much have forgotten about ever seeing my money again because I'll never be paid back. I'm ok with that. I've even forgiven him for stealing from me, but the most recent stunt he has pulled is over the line.

"Bob" likes to take his mother's vehicle and go joy riding and wasting all the gas. He would scam people out of money at the clubs and other various spots...looking for people who wanted to score some drugs. He would tell the people that he knew where to get some, the people would give him the money, he would leave and get the drugs...only he used it all without ever coming back.
Well after owing the whole entire drug community in our town, he has to come up with some new things to do.
This is why my heart is heavy. I'm so utterly pissed off that he would do this to his family, and mine since he hit someone close to my family.

My sister's boyfriend's grandmother lives 3 houses down from "Bob" and my husband's grandmother. They all have grown up together and are pretty close friends. Well "Bob" went over to my sister's boyfriend's grandmother's house and told her this story...

"Bob" told this woman that his family and his grandmother were stuck in a town that's about 40 miles away and ran out of gas, so he asked to borrow some money. Well this woman is on a fixed income and explained to him that she didn't have any money. He assured her that she would be paid back by his grandmother when they got back into town. Well a couple of days passed and this woman goes over to "Bob's" grandmother's house and asks for the money back. His grandmother didn't know what she was talking about until she explained to his grandmother.

That's when we got the phone calls. "Bob's" grandmother was so upset that she's calling me, my husband, and my mother-in-law telling us what is going on. She confronted "Bob" as well as his mother, but his mother is such an enabler. She has paid so many people for the "drug deals gone bad" that I've lost count.

Just a few days ago, he hit again!

"Bob" went to his nephew's pre-school (he goes to a private, CHRISTIAN pre-school) and told the EXACT same story. One of the teachers gave him some money. When "Bob's" nephew's mother went to pick him up from school, the teacher said something to her about how it sucks to run out of gas. The mother looked at her weird and asked her what she was talking about and the phone calls came again.

We have tried talking to "Bob" about rehab, but he is in denial. Has been for many years. He always does something stupid, but then he promises his mother that he'll change. It stops for a few months, then he's back to it.

It just hurts that he's doing this to family. His whole family has pretty much abandoned him because of his actions, but now he's going after my family members and my family's family members that think he's honest and innocent. I just don't know what to do...



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