Jul 24, 2009

Quick update after seeing dentist

Last night I was wanting to die because of the pain in my jaw and the back of my mouth. I was looking around for a dentist that I could see that I could actually afford, and found a clinic.
So I called the clinic around 9am and the lady told me if I came in right away, they could see me before lunch.
So the Hubs takes me and we get there. Well lunch time came and they told us to leave and come back at 1pm. Are you kidding me?? I was literally crying because it hurt so bad.
So, Hubs and I leave and he goes to Wendy's for lunch (butthole) and ate a tasty burger in front of me, then we headed back to the clinic.
I FINALLY got seen after 1:30pm.
Doc takes a look at my mouth, took a X-ray, and told me I have a major infection in my right lower wisdom tooth. Guess what the means?????? Yay! (Please note I'm speaking VERY sarcastically)
I get to take antibiotics through the weekend and get the sucker pulled on Tuesday. So not looking forward to that.
Well I'm going back into a Vicodin-induced sleep.
Nighty night Blogarinos!



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