Aug 31, 2009

Give me strength!

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.
Luke 6:28 (NIV)

I've been repeating this piece of scripture in my head for the past 2 weeks now.
If you've been following me on here and on Twitter, you'll know that I've been complaining about my job a lot.

As some people have stopped by and said, I should be thankful to have a job and anyone would love to trade places with me, I still feel that I have the right to bitch a bit.

I'm being extremely mistreated at work. Management has completely shoved me in a hole and refuses to help me when I request their assistance.
I work in retail, and certain customers have a stick up their butt on certain days and think it's my fault, or that I personally peed in their Wheaties.
They ask to talk to management, so I politely go over to our walkie and page a member to come to my department.

28 minutes later, still no member of management.
Which makes customer even more irate, in turn takes it out on me while helping another irate customer.

I then page again for management in which I get this response:
Mgr: What do you want?
Me: I need you for customer assistance please.
Mgr: I'm busy right now.
Me: Well this customer would really like to speak with you.
Mgr: Handle it yourself. That's why we placed you out there.

Now mind you, I'm no where near a management position. I'm almost at the bottom of the food chain at work.

There's 12 managers each shift. Not one will ever come and help me.
We've had an elusive employee that was paired with me in the department that I work. He hasn't been to work in almost 3 weeks. That means I've been back there by myself from 2:30pm till 11pm or whenever I get off because they never send a replacement.

Floor manager refuses to send anyone to help me which means I have to do EVERYTHING by myself.
I get swamped which makes customers even more irate and in turn makes them cuss me out, throw money at me, toss items at me, and belittle me the whole time I'm helping them.

It's just completely wearing me down.
I want to quit my job so bad, but Hubs isn't working yet and with this economy, I doubt I could find a job fast enough to not lose any money.

I just keep repeating this scripture in my head and it gets me through the day.
I pray every night and many times during the day for something to change at work.
I know God has a plan and things will work out in their own time, but I just wish He'd give me a break!

I feel better after ranting a bit.

P.S. Can you freaking believe it's September 1st today?? Where has the summer gone?????

Makin' Friends Monday

So I was over at Trudy's blog and saw a Friend Makin' Monday survey.
I thought I would do it coz who loves makin' new friends?
I do!

So here's the survey!

If you participate, let me know and head on over here to sign the McLinky to make more friends =]

1. Do you cook every night?
Hubs and I share the cooking responisiblity.
Since he's not working right now, he does the cooking when I work, then I cook on my days off

2. What kind of laundry detergent do you use & why?
Which ever one is on sale, or whatever I have a coupon for.

3. Do you do laundry every day or loads at a time?
I do laundry once a week (Thursday on my day off) and it's about 3 loads.

4. How often do you eat out per week?
Maybe once or twice because my work schedule is so hectic.
I wanna start eating at home every day so I can save money LoL

5. Where do you usually eat out?
Hubs and I either go to Subway or Village Inn

6. What is your favorite retail store?
I shop a lot at Wal-Mart because that's really the only thing we have here that's decently priced.
They just put in a Target, but it's almost 3 times the price of things at Wal-Mart.

7. What’s your favorite thing to drink?
I love Diet Coke. I'm trying to ween myself off of it though.
I've been drinking lots of water.

8. Do you take vitamins?
I take prenatal vitamins because Hubs and I are trying to have a baby.

9. What percentage of the household chores do you do?
I do about 80%
Hubs helps clean a little bit and I make him take the trash out every week. He absolutely hates it!
He's really good at loading the dishwasher too, but I do all the vacuuming, dusting, laundry, bathroom cleaning, etc.

10. Do your children do chores? (Or will they, did they, etc).
I currently do not have any children, but you bet your butt they will learn to do chores!

11. Do you go to church?
I used to live at church, but once I started working I started going less and less.
I really wish I could go, but my work schedule does not allow me.
I always have to work during the hours of church. I try to request some Sundays off, but I only get 1 Sunday every 4 months off.
Makes me so sad.

12. Do you have a housework schedule?
I just clean on my days off unless it's really bad. Then I clean it right away.

13. Do you keep a working budget?
I wish!
Once Hubs starts working and we actually have more money to work with, we will.

14. What do you do at night as a family?
Hubs and I cuddle on couch and watch court shows.
He loves Judge Judy LoL

15. How do you prepare yourself for a new week?
I'm never prepared!

16. What do your mornings look like?
Me getting up and rushing around trying to get ready for work and get there on time.

17. What time do you get up in the mornings?
10:45am. I have to drag myself out of bed every morning. I hate working until late at night.

18. What time do you go to bed at night?
If I'm lucky...4am.
Usually don't fall asleep until 5am.

19. How do you manage all of the paperwork that floods into your household? (bills, school work,
magazines, ads, etc)
I throw it all in a plastic bin and go through it all on Wednesdays

20. How do you keep your household organized? (calendars, charts, etc)
I have a personal calender I keep in my purse that I note everything on.
Also sync it up to my Blackberry.

Aug 30, 2009

Two down, two more to go

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been talking about some "unwanted guests".
These unwanted guests are cousins of my MIL and they came to Alaska from a small village because their mother had to have a hip replacement.

My life has been total and complete HELL since they've been here.

They are all alcoholics and they are mean alcoholics. I've had to listen to most of them sing and dance at 4am, or get into fist fights because someone mentioned a certain name, or listen as they run back and forth to the bathroom throwing up because they drank too much.

They've made Hubs go on numerous liquor store runs to buy more alcohol for them. If he says no, or if I say no, they go off on us and try to get physical. So we've been trying to just keep things peaceful.

I haven't gotten a good night sleep in 2 weeks. I was so excited to hear that some of them left.

Well, two of them have left today. They flew back to their village and a lot of the stress has been alleviated. The ones that left were the more rowdy ones.

Here's hoping I can get a good night sleep tonight!

Aug 28, 2009

Six Word Saturday [Edition 5]

It's another Saturday so head on over to Cate's at Show My Face and check out what everyone else is sayin'.

This week:
Bleh, I have to work today!

I wish I could get a decent schedule. I hate working weekends. I never see my Hubs!

Aug 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

Another week to show off some pictures from the past!


Back in 2001 or 2002 (I can't remember), but my family and my mom's bf and his kids decided to take a family vacation to Cumberland Lake in Kentucky.
Cumberland Lake is one of my favorite places to visit. It's so beautiful there!
But we rented a boat and went tubing and water skiing when we found a cove with a bunch of parties going on.
This is us jumping off the cliff. Had a blast that vacation!

What's your favorite place to visit?

Aug 26, 2009

Writer's Workshop Wednesday [Edition 4]

It's another week of Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It.
So check it out and read what everyone else is writing about!

The Prompts:

1.) My animals are making me nuts.
(inspired by Jody from Take Me As I Am).
Well, seeing as how I only have goldfish as pets, they don't bother me.
But I'll write about my neighbor's animals that are DRIVING ME INSANE!
So we have a neighbor that has 3 dogs, all the same age from the same litter, and 2 cats. The neighbor also likes to let them run wild whenever they are home.
These dogs will run out in front of your vehicle when you pull up, or they will run to the back of your vehicle if you're trying to back out of the driveway.
They also like to run up to you and tackle you then lick your face as you're trying to run for dear life to your porch and into the house!
On top of all of that, they like to dig in my flower bed and poop in it. The cats and the dogs. Our office for my in-law's business happens to be in the basement where the windows in front of the flower bed is located. You can't even open the windows because it smells like a 10 year old cat litter box from all the poop.
I cleaned it out this spring and ended up picking a whole trashcan of fossilized poo down 2 feet deep in the flower bed.
I opened the windows the other day because it was such a beautiful day as I was in the office doing things and I smelled the stench.
I ran outside and looked in my flower bed and low and behold....FREAKIN' CAT AND DOG POOP!
I'm an animal lover, but these animals are testing my patience. I've tried talking to the neighbors, but they don't bother with anything!

2.) List the 5 best things about the first day of school.
(inspired by Lane from Sneaky Daddy).
I'm going to list my 5 favorite things about the first day of school of me when I was in school.
  1. Getting up extra early so I could get ready
  2. Wearing a brand new outfit
  3. Opening brand new crisp notebook and new pencils
  4. Catching up with old friends that I haven't seen all summer because of vacations
  5. New textbooks!

3.) Tell us about your crush.
(inspired by Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler)

4.) How did you break it?
(inspired by Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom)

5.) Show us a favorite summer craft.
(inspired by Kristin from The Way It Is)

Aug 25, 2009

An update...with some griping!

So I've been pretty scarce lately, so I thought it was time for an update.
I have a lot of randomness, so bear with me.

  • Another week has passed and that means I have 2 days off of work! Yay! Work has been so stressful lately. We had a guy not come in for the past 2 weeks, so I've been stuck cashiering in my department all by myself. Management wouldn't send me any help and it was getting hairy. I almost walked out a couple of times, but put myself back together and just did what I could. I've talked to upper management about it and nothing has changed, so maybe I'll have a meeting with the store manager.
  • So Hubs passed his NCCT test like I stated in an earlier post. He has to do a month of an externship before he can actually graduate. He started at a place where his brother works, but on the first day they used him as a laborer. Because he has to do this as an externship, they were getting free labor out of him. He was there for 3 days and he didn't get to learn anything or see once single patient. I told him to find a different place, so now he's waiting for his school to place him in a new office. IT'S TAKING FOREVER! I wish it would just end and he could start working.
  • My sister goes to the doctor on September 2nd and she'll find out the sex of her baby! I'm so excited for her.
  • We currently have 4 unwanted guests in our house. My MIL's 2 cousins and their children are in town from their village in Southeast Alaska and it's hell here! 3 of them are alcoholics and they are MEAN alcoholics. Oh the joy that I'm having here at home. I work the late shift and don't get home until almost 11pm every night and by then, they are all drunk. And of course, they lay in on me because I make too much noise while cooking myself dinner and cleaning up some. I can't wait until Friday when they leave!!
Well that's it for now. I'm tired and feeling like going to bed and sleeping in since I have no plans for my days off!

Night night blogarinos!
Aug 21, 2009

Weekly Praise and Prayer [Edition 14]

For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.

Psalms 95:3 (NIV)


Tony [Completing in-patient rehab and succeeding]
Jessie [Getting an internship with a wildlife foundation]
Carrie [Making it home safe from MN]

Genevie [Upcoming hip replacement]
Aaron [Working through his externship]
Amy & her family
Uncle John [Still having problems with his seizures]
Jules [Safe trip home]
Grandma [Having some health problems]

Tag, You're It!

The rules for this weeks game of tag:
►Share your best and/or your worst school memory.
►Tag a minimum of five friends (the more the merrier) to do the same and list them in your post.
►Go to Facts From a Fact Woman and leave a comment on the Tag Game Post saying that you've been tagged, so that we can all see who's been tagged this week.
►Try to check out the blogs of at least 3 other people who've been tagged and leave a comment for each of them so that we can all get to know each other.

Best school memory:
I was taking a painting course in high school for my art credits and I loved it!
I've never been able to draw much, just stick figures and houses LoL, but when it came to painting, I was awesome!
We were told to take a picture of something we wanted to re-create, so I went to a neighboring town and went to a place called Glen Helen in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This place was so beautiful and I got a great landscape photo I wanted to paint.
So I took the picture, went and developed it and brought it to school so I could work on my masterpiece.
I was never very confident in any art class because of my lack of being able to draw, but my teacher was very supportive. After we were done and turned in our paintings, she surprised us by telling us that a local art dealer was looking at them and chose 4 paintings from 4 students and would show them at the local art museum.
My teacher called my name and I was completely shocked!
We went a week later and my painting was hanging in the art museum. I wish I had the picture of me standing next to the painting on my computer. I was so proud of myself!
I'll have to call my gramps and tell him to email me that picture.

Now on to the worst school memory:
I went to my prom with a bunch of friends and had a pretty good time. I was such a tomboy in school that it felt so weird being in a dress with my hair done and wearing makeup.
After the prom, we drove to the YMCA where we had our after prom. Before we headed that way, we stopped off at our houses and got changed and grabbed a bathing suit.
While my friends were changing, 2 of them decided they wanted to smoke some pot before we headed out. That upset me, but we went on to the after prom. When we reached the YMCA, my friend was looking for a parking spot. She ended up backing into a van on the passenger side. I was mortified!
Out comes this huge biker guy yelling and everything, but luckily the van had a rubber strip that went across and didn't damage anything. We apologized and he let it go.
As we went to the locker room, my friend was still feeling funny from smoking, but she insisted on getting into the pool. She thought it would make her feel better.
Once she gets into the pool, she starts freaking out and can't remember how to get out of the pool. I got out to help her out, when it happened....
I ended up slipping on a water puddle and I went down hard...and my boobs came out of the bathing suit top.
The whole junior and senior class saw me fall and saw my tatas. There was even a guy there taking pictures of everyone and snapped a picture!! I was completly mortified.
For a whole month, all the kids talked about it at school.

Now that you know my best and worst school memory, what's yours?
I tag anyone who wants to play =]

Six Word Saturday [Edition 4]

It's another Saturday so head on over to Cate's at Show My Face and check out what everyone else is sayin'.

This week:
Lord, please give me the strength!

I've been dealing with some stuff in the work place and at home. I've been wanting to give up, but I know I have to just keep my head up and trudge on through...there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Aug 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Well it was back to Photobucket again looking at all of my oldie pics.

Like I've stated in a previous post, my gramps and I are like 2 peas in a pod. He practically raised me and tells people I'm a daughter to him, so when I saw the pic I just had to share.


I look like such a boy in this pic!

My gramps still has the same furniture and the same pic on the wall. I love looking at this picture because I can just picture the living room and the familiar smell.

Aug 19, 2009

Some flowers from my garden

So I planted quite a few flowers this summer to see how it would turn out.
I didn't plant much, but what I did turned out beautiful!

These pics were taken from my phone, so please excuse the blurriness, and they were taken a few weeks ago. I have some more that I took because even more flowers bloomed and I'll post them once I find the cord to my camera. I seem to have misplaced

But here's what I planted!

Start of some sunflowers

Some bleeding hearts

Close up of the bleeding hearts

A daddy long leg LoL

Aug 18, 2009

My 10 Things

...that make me incredibly happy

1. The smell of rain on a hot summer day
2. Black & White photos
3. Waking up to the Hubs every morning
4. The smell & steam after taking a shower
5. Watching my pretty flowers grow
6. Laughing so hard I cry...and then continue crying
7. Listening to music that reminds me of my childhood
8. The goodnight kiss and the exchange of "I love you" at night
9. The smell of coffee
10. The feeling of being in love

What are some things that make you incredibly happy?

Aug 17, 2009

A fabulous day

And I'm stuck indoors @ work.

At least the rain went away for a little bit!

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Aug 16, 2009

Rain, rain go away

....come again another day!

I'm so tired of this rain. Excessive rain means the end of summer in Alaska and soon there will be snow.

I'm not ready!!

Oh, and don't mind my messy back yard...I've been cleaning out the shed and garage and have a mess back there LoL

Aug 15, 2009

Weekly Praise and Prayer [Edition 13]

Uncle John is doing much better. [He's out of the hospital and back at home doing well]
C [Having a safe flight home]
My sis, Genny [Almost 18 weeks pregnant!]

Hubs [Starting his externship on Monday]
Uncle Ben [Looking for a long-term residential place]
Amy & her family
My continued struggles with my career path

Aug 14, 2009

Six Word Saturday [Edition 3]

It's another Saturday so head on over to Cate's at Show My Face and check out what everyone else is sayin'.

This week:

Hubs is finally done with school! He's now a Certified Medical Assistant and I'm so very proud of him. He stuck it out all year long and has accomplished something he set his heart on.
Congrats babe!

**Now we just need to find him a job....

Tag, You're It!

The rules for this weeks game of tag:
►Answer the following questions:
What is the last book that you have read? Did you like it or not?
What is the title of the best book you've read so far this year.
►Post the answers to these questions to your blog.
►Tag a minimum of five friends (the more the merrier) to do the same and list them in your post.
►Return to Facts From a Fact Woman and leave a comment on the Tag Game Post saying that you've been tagged, so that we can all see who's been tagged this week.
►Try to check out the blogs of at least 3 other people who've been tagged and leave a comment for each of them so that we can all get to know each other.

Here's the book that I'm reading.
Click the picture to go over to Amazon and read about it.
It's a wonderful book about friendship between two women that span over 30 years. You'll laugh and cry while reading this!!

I tag anyone who wants to participate. I'm almost done with the book and looking for some ideas on the next book I should read =]

Aug 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was going through my Photobucket account and found some horrible, yet awesome pictures of my family and friends and decided to do a flashback post.

I hope you enjoy...


This is a picture of me as Superwoman (coz she was awesome!) and my brother as Slimer. Believe it not, my mom made his costume from memory of the movie. This is the first Halloween I really remember. I think I was 5 or 6 and my brother was 3 or 4.
It was really cold that night (hence my beautiful red jacket) and I remember we got a TON of candy. I can look at this picture and still remember the smell of that awful mask LoL.
I think I might post this as a comment on my brother's MySpace now so his friends can get a laugh.

Happy Friday everyone!

My God Moment

So I decided to write another post about one of the prompts on the Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It.

The prompt was:
3.) Describe one of your 'God Moments'.
(inspired by Jordan from Wide Open Spaces)

Well that got me thinking about the first time I've ever felt God's presence around me and I thought I'd share it with you all.

Growing up like most Christian families, I went to church every Sunday. I dreaded going to church because it meant I had to get up really early on my day off from school, but I was obedient and went every week with my grandmother.

We would get to church and I would zone out and go into my own little world for the hour and a half we were there. Once I became a teenager, I quickly got a job and had an excuse for not going to church.
I never stepped foot into a church after that for many years.

I soon began to question God and his existence. I saw so many horrible things around me and kept asking myself, "If there was a God, why would he allow all of this to happen?"

So I went on with life, ended up doing a bunch of destructive things and fell into a deep depression.
When I moved to Alaska, I became friends with
a guy and he introduced me to his cousin, Aaron. We began hanging out together all the time, doing destructive things any chance we got.

After awhile, we just went our separate way
Life went on as always, when a job brought me into the town where I met up with my friend again. At this time, he cleaned up his act, was working, and had an apartment with his brother.
Things just started picking up between us aga
in and we were sort of dating. He later asked me if I wanted to go to church with him.
That was a really sore subject with me and he knew it, but he assured me that he would be with me the entire time and it will
be ok.
I agreed to go the next week.

It turns out that the church that my friend goes to was having a week long revival. It was a little weird because I went to a very quiet church growing up. This was loud, yelling, singing, hand clap
ping, and I loved it!!
While I was sitting there listening to the pa
stor and all of these people, I had a feeling wash over me. All of my troubles left me and I just sat in this feeling and I was content.
I decided to go back all week long and every day I started feeling better about life, physically and emotionally. Every time I thought about going back to church or anything, I felt the same feeling wa
sh over my body.
The last night of the revival I prayed for the first time years. I prayed about EVERYTHING. Anything that popped in my head.
After the revival my friend had asked if I had ever been baptized. I told him of course, when I was first born, but he wanted to know if I had been baptized as an adult.
That got me thinking.

I thought long and hard for awhile and I began attending church every Sunday. I got to sit down and talk with one of the pastors at the church I was going to and got to tell him my story and how I was feeling right now.
I wanted to continue going to church, I felt that God was leading me his way and my heart was finally open to hear it.

The pastor recommend that I re-dedicate myself and get baptized.
So a month and a half after I first started
going to church, I was baptized.
I think God chose that moment when I was at the revival and led me back to him. I've been happy ever since...

Oh, and that friend that led me his way...
He's my wonderful Hubs now =]

Aug 12, 2009

Writer's Workshop Wednesday [Edition 3]

It's another week of Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It

1.) Your trip to the ER...spill it.
(inspired by Stephanie from This Blessed Life).
Gah! My last trip to the ER was last winter and it happened at work.
I was at work and my stomach was killing me, it hurt so bad. I got through the first 4 hours and thought mayb
e I needed to lay down for a bit on my lunch break. So when lunch time came, I went out to my truck, turned on the ignition, cranked the heat on and laid down for bit.

After about 5 minutes of that, I had this excruciating pain and sat up when I spit up blood...I started to freak out!!

I ran back inside to get a manager and told him I had to go to the hospital now. He looked at me and wanted to
call 911 right there, but I talked him into just letting me go so I could run home and have the Hubs take me.

After getting home, Hubs hopped in the truck and sped over to the hospital where they took me in. I was in so much pain and my blood pressure was through the roof. They ended up giving me an IV (which took the new chick FOREVER to get in) and gave me some nice pain killers.

After about an hour of waiting, they took me in to have an abdominal CT where they found an inflammed gallbladder....along with 2 little gallstones. They gave me a shot of something and some vicodin and told me to go home, that eventually the stones will pass.

8 hours later, I got to go home...still in pain, but feeling a little better.

2.) "Why are American's obsessed with weight? Why are we always fighting or complaining about what is natural for our bodies?"
(inspired by Jenn from Jenny Says What?)
I think American's are obsessed with weight because of the media. You see in all of these shows that you aren't someone unless you're thin and pretty.
It doesn't help that America is one of the fattest countries. Younger women are being sucked into this hurricane of brainwashing and it just sickens me.

3.) Describe one of your 'God Moments'.
(inspired by Jordan from Wide Open Spaces).
Coming in another post...

4.) List ten things you would say to ten different people in your life...if you had the hutzpah.
(inspired by Cassandra from Cassagram)
  1. You are a liar and a thief. You have hurt your entire family and the friends around you. You seriously need some help before I will ever be near you again. The drugs are ruining your life. Everyone is expecting to see you in a coffin before your next birthday.
  2. You were never there for me when I needed you. Everything has always been about you, instead of about your 4 children.
  3. I don't think I can live a day without seeing your smile. I'm complete with you.
  4. You're a drunk and you need help before your sons disown you.
  5. Thanks for ignoring me my entire life. I've tried to reach out to you just to talk, but for some reason, I'm not good enough.
  6. You seriously need to grow up and support your child.
  7. I'm so glad we are friends. I don't know where I would be without you!
  8. You hurt me when you used to beat the crap out of me. I'm glad you're where you are at now.
  9. You made me feel so loved growing up. I want to thank you for picking up the pieces when no one else would.
  10. I'm going to miss you when you leave. I don't want you to go, but I know you need to.

5.) Why is your kid in time out?
(inspired by Sera from Laughing Through The Chaos)

No kiddos for me...

Aug 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Veronica's birthday.
Veronica is one of my bestest friends. I can talk to her about anything!
She is the first person I run to when I need advice on something and I help her out with her problems.
I wish we lived closer to each other. I'm in Alaska and she's in Venezuela =[
So this blog post is for her...

Hehe...another year of my white-girl Spanish.

Hope you have a great birthday Veronica, I love you so much and wish we could party it up together!!

Aug 10, 2009

It's finally that time!

Hubs has been in school for 56 weeks and the day have finally come that he takes his NCCT test and become a National Certified Medical Assistant. Hallelujah!

After his test, he'll have to do 160 hours of an externship, then he'll graduate. I cannot wait!!

His test is at 8:30am so think some good thoughts for him please!

Aug 9, 2009

An awesome email I thought I would share

So my grampa (as I call him) and I are very close. We email back and forth a few times a week and his favorites are things that people send me and I forward to him. He especially likes things that have to do with planes.
Growing up, our thing that we did together was build model airplanes and he'd take me to the air shows when it came to town.
I had forwarded him an email not too long ago and he sent everyone a response with an awesome story of him and my mother and my aunts.
I thought it was such an awesome story, I'd share with some of my family that read this blog and my new-found friends =]

Hi Nikke, Aaron and Gang,
When Nikke's mother (Missie) was a baby, 3 yr's old, we lived about 8 miles off the end of Rickenbacker AFB. (Lockborn AFB back then).
Back then, 1962,3,4,5, we flew B 47's, Vodoos, and F86's. During the Cuban missile crisis, Missie ,Kimmy, Tammy and I would lay out by the barn in the field and wave to the pilots when they took off headed for Cuba. When they came back we waved from the attic windows. They were only 100 to 200 ft. above us and the engines would make our teeth buzz. We had BIG FUN !!!!!
Can you see it, an aerospace engineer, ( working on the XB 70) and his 3 little daughters laying out in a 300 acre field waving at Dudes possibility going to drop atomic bombs. What a picture!!! There were planes taking off around the clock for 3 months and we loved it cause they were protecting us!!
WE LOVED IT!! The twins would take their juice bottles, Tammy a sippy cup of coke and I would have a few beers (Little Kings) . Every flight would get a salute of drinks. God what a scary time.
Some city non aircraft types moved up the road and got a petition to limit the altitude of take offs over out farm land an I had to go TALK TO THEM IN HILLBILLY!! They pulled their petition and moved out in a short time. Sometimes a good conversation works and it helps to have a .45 Auto in a shoulder holster too. Well your crazy old gramps must go. It's nap time. Say HI to your new hubby.
Love, Gramps........
My grampa is a crazy, gun-totin', beer drinking, loud mouth guy and he always tells the best stories of my mother and aunts when they were little!

Tag, You're It!

I recently visited Margaret's blog over at Facts from a Fact Woman and she's tagged me for her Friday Tag, You're It game.

Tag a friend by leaving a comment on their blog telling them to check out the tag game you have posted in your blog. Here are the rules to copy and paste into your blog for your tagged friends to read.

Here's the rules:
  • Open your first photo folder
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo
  • Post that picture and the story behind it
  • Tag a minimum of five friends (the more the merrier) to do the same and list them in your post.
  • Return to Facts From a Fact Woman and leave a comment on the Tag Game Post saying that you've been tagged, so that we can all see who's been tagged this week.
  • Try to check out the blogs of at least 3 other people who've been tagged and leave a comment for each of them so that we can all get to know each other.
Ok, so here it goes!

This is the 10th photo in my first photo folder:

The story behind this pic:

As I mentioned before, Hubs and I went to Homer, Alaska for the 4th of July weekend because I had never been there. It was quite a drive! It was about 7-8 hour drive from Anchorage, but it was so beautiful!
We left town at 11pm when I got off work and headed down. Here in Alaska, it stays light out for approximately 22-23 hours with just a bit of dusk. I looked out the window while we were driving and noticed the moon was out...while the sun was out and shining right behind us!
Summer's in Alaska rock because it's so beautiful!

I tag:
Whoever wants to do it!
Just leave me a comment letting me know so I can check out your pic!


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