Aug 9, 2009

An awesome email I thought I would share

So my grampa (as I call him) and I are very close. We email back and forth a few times a week and his favorites are things that people send me and I forward to him. He especially likes things that have to do with planes.
Growing up, our thing that we did together was build model airplanes and he'd take me to the air shows when it came to town.
I had forwarded him an email not too long ago and he sent everyone a response with an awesome story of him and my mother and my aunts.
I thought it was such an awesome story, I'd share with some of my family that read this blog and my new-found friends =]

Hi Nikke, Aaron and Gang,
When Nikke's mother (Missie) was a baby, 3 yr's old, we lived about 8 miles off the end of Rickenbacker AFB. (Lockborn AFB back then).
Back then, 1962,3,4,5, we flew B 47's, Vodoos, and F86's. During the Cuban missile crisis, Missie ,Kimmy, Tammy and I would lay out by the barn in the field and wave to the pilots when they took off headed for Cuba. When they came back we waved from the attic windows. They were only 100 to 200 ft. above us and the engines would make our teeth buzz. We had BIG FUN !!!!!
Can you see it, an aerospace engineer, ( working on the XB 70) and his 3 little daughters laying out in a 300 acre field waving at Dudes possibility going to drop atomic bombs. What a picture!!! There were planes taking off around the clock for 3 months and we loved it cause they were protecting us!!
WE LOVED IT!! The twins would take their juice bottles, Tammy a sippy cup of coke and I would have a few beers (Little Kings) . Every flight would get a salute of drinks. God what a scary time.
Some city non aircraft types moved up the road and got a petition to limit the altitude of take offs over out farm land an I had to go TALK TO THEM IN HILLBILLY!! They pulled their petition and moved out in a short time. Sometimes a good conversation works and it helps to have a .45 Auto in a shoulder holster too. Well your crazy old gramps must go. It's nap time. Say HI to your new hubby.
Love, Gramps........
My grampa is a crazy, gun-totin', beer drinking, loud mouth guy and he always tells the best stories of my mother and aunts when they were little!


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