Aug 21, 2009

Tag, You're It!

The rules for this weeks game of tag:
►Share your best and/or your worst school memory.
►Tag a minimum of five friends (the more the merrier) to do the same and list them in your post.
►Go to Facts From a Fact Woman and leave a comment on the Tag Game Post saying that you've been tagged, so that we can all see who's been tagged this week.
►Try to check out the blogs of at least 3 other people who've been tagged and leave a comment for each of them so that we can all get to know each other.

Best school memory:
I was taking a painting course in high school for my art credits and I loved it!
I've never been able to draw much, just stick figures and houses LoL, but when it came to painting, I was awesome!
We were told to take a picture of something we wanted to re-create, so I went to a neighboring town and went to a place called Glen Helen in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This place was so beautiful and I got a great landscape photo I wanted to paint.
So I took the picture, went and developed it and brought it to school so I could work on my masterpiece.
I was never very confident in any art class because of my lack of being able to draw, but my teacher was very supportive. After we were done and turned in our paintings, she surprised us by telling us that a local art dealer was looking at them and chose 4 paintings from 4 students and would show them at the local art museum.
My teacher called my name and I was completely shocked!
We went a week later and my painting was hanging in the art museum. I wish I had the picture of me standing next to the painting on my computer. I was so proud of myself!
I'll have to call my gramps and tell him to email me that picture.

Now on to the worst school memory:
I went to my prom with a bunch of friends and had a pretty good time. I was such a tomboy in school that it felt so weird being in a dress with my hair done and wearing makeup.
After the prom, we drove to the YMCA where we had our after prom. Before we headed that way, we stopped off at our houses and got changed and grabbed a bathing suit.
While my friends were changing, 2 of them decided they wanted to smoke some pot before we headed out. That upset me, but we went on to the after prom. When we reached the YMCA, my friend was looking for a parking spot. She ended up backing into a van on the passenger side. I was mortified!
Out comes this huge biker guy yelling and everything, but luckily the van had a rubber strip that went across and didn't damage anything. We apologized and he let it go.
As we went to the locker room, my friend was still feeling funny from smoking, but she insisted on getting into the pool. She thought it would make her feel better.
Once she gets into the pool, she starts freaking out and can't remember how to get out of the pool. I got out to help her out, when it happened....
I ended up slipping on a water puddle and I went down hard...and my boobs came out of the bathing suit top.
The whole junior and senior class saw me fall and saw my tatas. There was even a guy there taking pictures of everyone and snapped a picture!! I was completly mortified.
For a whole month, all the kids talked about it at school.

Now that you know my best and worst school memory, what's yours?
I tag anyone who wants to play =]


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