Aug 30, 2009

Two down, two more to go

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been talking about some "unwanted guests".
These unwanted guests are cousins of my MIL and they came to Alaska from a small village because their mother had to have a hip replacement.

My life has been total and complete HELL since they've been here.

They are all alcoholics and they are mean alcoholics. I've had to listen to most of them sing and dance at 4am, or get into fist fights because someone mentioned a certain name, or listen as they run back and forth to the bathroom throwing up because they drank too much.

They've made Hubs go on numerous liquor store runs to buy more alcohol for them. If he says no, or if I say no, they go off on us and try to get physical. So we've been trying to just keep things peaceful.

I haven't gotten a good night sleep in 2 weeks. I was so excited to hear that some of them left.

Well, two of them have left today. They flew back to their village and a lot of the stress has been alleviated. The ones that left were the more rowdy ones.

Here's hoping I can get a good night sleep tonight!


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