Aug 26, 2009

Writer's Workshop Wednesday [Edition 4]

It's another week of Writer's Workshop over at Mama's Losin' It.
So check it out and read what everyone else is writing about!

The Prompts:

1.) My animals are making me nuts.
(inspired by Jody from Take Me As I Am).
Well, seeing as how I only have goldfish as pets, they don't bother me.
But I'll write about my neighbor's animals that are DRIVING ME INSANE!
So we have a neighbor that has 3 dogs, all the same age from the same litter, and 2 cats. The neighbor also likes to let them run wild whenever they are home.
These dogs will run out in front of your vehicle when you pull up, or they will run to the back of your vehicle if you're trying to back out of the driveway.
They also like to run up to you and tackle you then lick your face as you're trying to run for dear life to your porch and into the house!
On top of all of that, they like to dig in my flower bed and poop in it. The cats and the dogs. Our office for my in-law's business happens to be in the basement where the windows in front of the flower bed is located. You can't even open the windows because it smells like a 10 year old cat litter box from all the poop.
I cleaned it out this spring and ended up picking a whole trashcan of fossilized poo down 2 feet deep in the flower bed.
I opened the windows the other day because it was such a beautiful day as I was in the office doing things and I smelled the stench.
I ran outside and looked in my flower bed and low and behold....FREAKIN' CAT AND DOG POOP!
I'm an animal lover, but these animals are testing my patience. I've tried talking to the neighbors, but they don't bother with anything!

2.) List the 5 best things about the first day of school.
(inspired by Lane from Sneaky Daddy).
I'm going to list my 5 favorite things about the first day of school of me when I was in school.
  1. Getting up extra early so I could get ready
  2. Wearing a brand new outfit
  3. Opening brand new crisp notebook and new pencils
  4. Catching up with old friends that I haven't seen all summer because of vacations
  5. New textbooks!

3.) Tell us about your crush.
(inspired by Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler)

4.) How did you break it?
(inspired by Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom)

5.) Show us a favorite summer craft.
(inspired by Kristin from The Way It Is)


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