Sep 22, 2009

It's cooommmiinnngggg....

Alright, remember my To Do List I posted in my previous post?

Well, I got to mark some things off of it!
Go me!
*Does a little jig*

Well I finished sorting the 11 boxes of business papers sitting in my garage AND drove to Palmer to drop them off at the shop.

It was a pretty nice drive.

So for those that have succumbed to the power of Twitter [good for you!] and have not seen the crappy mobile pics of the worst thing imaginable at this time, I'm sharing them right here.

That's right folks....S-N-O-W!
The weather chick on the news said it was "termination snow" meaning it was supposed to appear, then disappear.


That crap is here to stay. Hubs took off with my camera or I would show you a pic of the mountains when I returned from Palmer. It's full and thick on the top.

It's going to be a long winter.

Tomorrow I get to drive back to Palmer to pick up another business truck. [Bleh...I don't want to it.]

Hopefully I don't see this guy...

Stupid troopers...
I wasn't able to speed. I had to drive 50 miles to Palmer at 45-50 mph instead of my usual 70-75!
The speed limit is 65pmh, but if you pass a trooper on the highway [even going normal speed limit] they will run you off the road and pull you over and ticket you for something.

Hope everyone has had a great Tuesday and awesome Wednesday!

I also forgot to mention...
So remember how I got canned and I was secretly looking for work behind my old employers back yada, yada, yada?

Well the place I was secretly applying to called me today on my way to Palmer and I got an interview on Friday!
*Does another jig*

Keep your fingers crossed!


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