Sep 29, 2009

My best friend

This is my best friend.

His name is Aaron...and he's my husband.

Aaron and I met each other back in '05 through his cousin. His cousin thought I needed a boyfriend and without my knowing, set us up on a blind date.

We ended up going out to eat and afterwards we went to a club.
I actually had a lot of fun!
I had been out of a relationship for 3 years and didn't think I was ready to begin a new one, but Aaron changed my outlook on a lot of things!

After dating for awhile, things just happened and we lost contact with each other.

I continued going over to his cousin's house to help him with projects or whatever, and I always asked about Aaron, so his cousin gave me his new number and told me to call him up.

I think I had Aaron's new number in my purse for 3 months before I said "screw it" and gave him a call.
He seemed really shocked to hear from me and told me to meet him at his new place.
I was really nervous, but I ended up driving into town and meeting up with him.

I was so excited to see him and had butterflies in my stomach. I have no idea why I was so nervous...we used to hang out all the time!

I got up to his apartment and he invited me in. We ended up ordering some food and he went on to tell me how he missed me and didn't want to lose contact with each other again.
From there, we were doing just about everything together.
He helped me through a lot of hard times by giving me a place to live when my old roommate decided she didn't want to share a place together and moved out on me, helping me learn my way around a new town, helping me look for a place of my own, and just being there when tough things happened.

I knew we would be friends for the rest of our lives.
So when he asked me to marry him October 2008...I didn't even have to think twice before I blurted out YES!
We were so excited, we got married 2 months after that and I couldn't be happier!

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