Sep 1, 2009

My trip to the gas station [with pics!]

Because of some personal issues, I had to take a day off work which gives me 3 days off of work since today was supposed to be my Friday, so yay!
Hubs finally got paid today from helping out his ex-employer like 3 weeks ago, so we ran around and did some errands.
We plan on going to the fair on Thursday once I've been paid, so we filled up the truck since gas is cheaper in Anchorage then out in the valley.

To my surprise, gas went up 14 cents from yesterday. Are you kidding me??? I read in the paper they were reinstating an 8-cent gas tax or something like that, but gas went up a whole 14 cents! It doesn't make sense since Alaska has their own supply of gas as well!

But back to the post...

So gas is...

Lucky for us, I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Carrs/Safeway grocery stores and they have a club card so you can get discounts and what-not. For every certain amount of dollars, you get 1 Powerfuel Point which is worth 10 cents off a gallon of gas. You have 3 months to accumulate your points before they expire and you can use them all at once if you'd like.
Because I have such a scatter brain, I always forget to use them, so to my surprise, I found a receipt that I had from 2 nights ago and I had 14 points accumulated!
That's a whole $1.40 off per gallon!

So I got gas for....

Yes, that's right...$1.81/gallon!
How much did it take you fill up my tank you ask??
$42 for 23 gallons of gas!
This is by far the highlight of my week.
Considering we're on a very strict budget and my truck hasn't seen a full gas gauge in MONTHS! Close to a year though...
(Man seeing that price took me back to my high school days!)

So how much is gas where you guys are?
I can't believe it was raised to $3.21 here. Doesn't help that snow is right around the corner which means 4-wheel drive which sucks more gas!


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