Sep 9, 2009

Phantom 911 Caller?

Crazy days here at the Brown house.

I was downstairs cleaning our room and doing laundry when I heard the doorbell ring.
I put down the broom and I heard the doorbell ring again and some banging on the door.
I yelled up that I was coming and to hold their horses.

When I reached the front door, I saw 3 cops on my porch looking in with hands on their guns.
I slowly opened the door and they took a step back, looking at me.

Cop: Are you alright?
Me: Should I not?
Cop: Is anyone in the house with you?
Me: No. I'm the only one home. What's this about?
Cop: We got a 911 call a few minutes ago from this number.

Impossible. The phone was upstairs on the charger.

Me: Well, the phone is right there and I've been downstairs.
Cop: Do you have a fax line?
Me: Yeah. In my office downstairs.
Cop: Is the phone number 555-1111 (obviously a fake number for blogging status)
Me: Yes, but no one has been on that phone.
Cop: Well alright Miss. You sure everything is ok?
Me: Yes officer, everything is fine. Sorry about all of this.

So after the cops left, I went downstairs and looked at my fax machine.
Sure enough, the last call displayed was to 911.

I've unplugged my fax machine for the day so it doesn't make anymore calls to 911 until I can figure this out...

So in honor of my phantom caller...I've found some of my favorite 911 calls.
Enjoy =]

Lady calls 911 because McD's is out of chicken nuggets!

Woman calls 911 to get a date

Burger King out of Lemonade

Cop calls 911 coz he thinks he's dying


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